Lovely Mazatlán Tropical Flowers

July 14, 2012

    1. I, for one, never get tired of great pictures of beautiful flowers. As a Navy photographer during the Vietnam Era, my job sometimes involved dealing with gruesome assignments…my off-duty time was spent capturing landscapes, candid portraits and, yes, FLOWERS. My way of balancing out the various aspects of life. Thanks for providing these AND the names of the flowers.

    1. Nancy – more great flower pictures. Thank you! I always wondered what ginger looked like before it was chopped up and packed in that little jar. Keep up the pictures of the downtown renovation as well.

      1. Les, Thank you, sometimes I wonder what people like so that’s good to know. When are you coming back down? August?

        Mike, Thank you! And I had never realized you had the mexicocalling blog. Nice! I’ll add it next time I update my blogroll.

        Terr, You’re welcome! But the ginger pictured is a flowering ginger. I’ve actually grown the Chinese food ginger, but I never saw it flower. I took pictures today of the renovations (ahem) downtown… was thinking all my pics might be overkill so I’m glad to hear you’re interested. Now I had better go wash my dusty feet! (That’s a hint about the condition of the streets….)

    1. Hi, Nancy –
      Don’t think I can get back down in August. United has dropped its direct flight from Houston and I’m not ready to drive down yet. Might be December or January.
      I intended to help at El Recreo, but I think there will still be some volunteer opportunities this winter.

      1. Les, That’s too bad – you’ll miss the August film series but you’re right, there will be plenty to do when you get here in the wintertime. Take care.

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