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February 5, 2007


Mazatlan is a city of contrasts. There is the Golden Zone, with many fancy hotels, tourist activities and restaurants and the Centro with its older buildings and pretty squares and markets. Oh, and besides that there is the industrial side of the city – it is home to Pacifio Brewing and many other commercial users.

We are staying in Centro, in a B & B one block from the water. The malecon is wonderful to walk along…but we’ve only seen one dog.

We went out with a realtor yesterday but the usual mishaps with keys gave us only one place to see – a duplex for $265/$239 in Centro that had been totally redone with new plumbing, electrical, whole house water sterilization, etc. It was very nice but our socks didn’t exactly roll up and down.

We’re going on a tour of the city today in one of those touristy open air “pulmonias” they use around here. I’m not sure if it will be really goofy or if we’ll learn a lot.

It’s so nice to be back in Mexico. Last night was wonderful in the main square, nice jazzy music outside, everyone happy, lots of families and smiling, strolling people.

We’ll write more later! Breakfast time!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. So glad you are doing this, and keeping us all posted on your “research”! My partner and I are planning to move to mexico next year (back home for him) and we are considering Queretaro. Thanks in advance and enojy your time!

    1. I found your blog through DroppedIn, and I just finished reading your archives. What a wonderful story. I can’t wait to read more. I really enjoyed reading about your experiences cleaning out your home. I’ve read a lot of books like Living Simply and Voluntary Simplicity, and they make me want to dump most of the “stuff” that is clogging up our life. So I can only imagine the weight that is being taken off your shoulders and the excitement you are feeling about your new freedom. But… what a lot of work!

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