Mazatlán’s Carnaval – at the Plazuela Machado

February 15, 2012

Carnaval events take place throughout the city, with the coronations at the baseball stadium, the parades along the malecón, fireworks at Olas Altas and along the malecón and the street party in Olas Altas.  But there are plenty of Carnaval decorations and events other places, too.

Mazatlan Carnaval  2012

The Plazuela Machado has a gigantic silver sculpture in one corner.  In another corner a stage was being set up this afternoon.  The kiosko is decorated with Carnaval flair – Pacifico style.

Mazatlan Carnaval  2012

The malecón is closed at Zaragoza and there is fencing set up and of course ticket booths.  Zaragoza is now two way between the water and Belisario Dominguez for the duration of Carnaval.

This morning I grabbed my camera and jumped on my bike to take some pictures for you, but unfortunately the batteries were dead so I’ll repeat the effort tomorrow.

Below is a schedule of the main Carnaval events.  I plan on taking lots of pictures and trying to post every day with the latest.

carnaval poster

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    1. I will be in town on Friday for our Stone Island book club meet. I will be sure to check out the Plazuela…..great photos. See you around the town…..

    1. I think it would be uber cool to have that mask sculpture stay in the plazuela but maybe done in steel. It just seems to fit, doesn’t it? Especially with the theater nearby. Both Ensenada and Rosarito have events and a parade, but compared to Mazatlan, it will sure come up short.

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