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November 26, 2011

In México, you can have just about anything brought to your home. (In Spanish, that’s servicio a domicilio) Here’s a rundown of some of the items that we see delivered often here in Mazatlán.  Most items are delivered using small motorcycles with a box on the back.

Pharmacies – All pharmacies have home delivery

RestaurantsAll sizes of restaurants deliver, from taco stands to carnitas places, roasted chicken stands, juice bars, sushi, pizza etc.

Paint– They actually act surprised at the local paint store if you take your paint with you!

Water – Water delivery in the big jugs to your home, of course!

Table & chair rental – Having a party?  They’ll bring everything you need including coolers, tableware, and even karaoke machines.

Beer – If you buy by the case, they’ll bring it to you.

Department stores – If you buy something bulky they’ll offer to deliver it.  Buying a fan, vacuum cleaner or exercise bike? No need to worry, they’ll bring it to your house.


In addition to things that you can have delivered to your home, there are lots of services and vendors that will come to you.

Dog grooming – Our dog groomer comes to our house every six weeks to keep Henry and Coco looking sharp.

Veterinarian – especially when Lucy was ill, it was wonderful to have the vet come to the house.  When it was time to put her to sleep, he took care of her at home, too.

Newspapers – Of course they deliver door to door by arrangement but there are lots of guys on trikes with a recorded announcement of the news selling papers around town, too.

Ink cartridge refills – Yes, he’ll come to your house and refill your ink cartridges!

Knife sharpening – Listen for the whistle (it sounds like a pan flute) and take your knives outside for sharpening.

Fruits and Vegetables – most neighborhoods have a truck that makes the rounds at certain times of day.

Brooms & Mops – In our area the broom and mop man has a trike with a basket on the front.  When he’s cycling you can’t see him through all the mops!

Steamed sweet potatoes and bananas – You can’t mistake the sound of the steam whistle.  In our neighborhood, he passes through on Wednesday night.

Plants & Dirt – You’ll hear him calling out “tierra” (soil) and can run out to see what he has to sell.

Teachers– Want private lessons in Spanish, or yoga, or cooking?  No problem!

Hair salon services – I know that there are stylists who are happy to come to your home.

Chair caning – The chair repair man passes down the street and will re-cane your chairs while sitting on the curb in front of your house.

Health department – They come around to check whether there is standing water that could be infested with mosquito larvae and they’ll treat any problem areas.

Gas – They’ll be happy to trade you your empty gas canister for a full one.

Doctors – Many doctors regularly make house calls at very reasonable rates.

Car washing & waxing – Your local car wash guy will set you up on a schedule, no problem.

Tacos – Having a party?  Contract with the taquiza folks and you’ll have a variety of tacos for all your guests!


Here in Mazatlán we’re lucky to have truck taxis – red trucks called aurigas that have bench seats facing each other in the truck bed. When they aren’t transporting groups of happy tourists here and there they wait at Sam’s Club for people who need to get their bulky items home. That’s how we got our mattress home from the store on our second day in Mazatlán!


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. What a great list – I knew some of them but not the sweet potato and banana one – and several others. It seems I have been told you can get a pedicure in your home, too.

      1. Sandy, If you’re in Centro, keep an ear out after dark on Wednesday and listen for the steam whistle. You can see the hot coals as he wheels his cart around.

    1. That sure would have made my convalescence easier-wouldn’t have to keep bumming rides to pick up supplies since I won’t be able to drive for another few weeks!

      1. Marty, Some things in Mexico are less convenient, like paying bills in person… but servicio a domicilio makes up for it! Hope you are all healed up soon.

        Leslie, I could use a few extra dishes for Christmas dinner, I wish a dishes and silverware truck would come by!

        Zoe, You are silly, si, si.

        Mary, Watching out the front door is endlessly entertaining around here. Every day I see a motorcycle with a hotdog cart on the front put put put up the street. One of the jewelry vendors who sells on the beach lives around the corner, too. I could buy from him just by stopping him as he walks by!

        Kristeen, Thanks for coming by!

    1. Some babies are even home delivered! (okay, I’m being silly)

      I love the services so available here.

    1. That is one of the things I miss most about Mexico…the home deliveries. I always say that if you have the patience to wait for something it will eventually come to you.

      1. Contessa, So what are you going to plant in those empty pots of yours??

    1. On a visit to Virginia a couple years ago, I had a friend say that I probably missed having pizza delivery. I told them, “Are you kidding me?? I can get ANYTHING delivered in Mexico! Pizza is the least of them”.

      1. Sans, That’s funny. What can’t you have delivered here is a better question!

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