The project is finished!

August 22, 2009

I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to call this room our sala fresca once the windows were installed, but it is actually way more open feeling now than it was with the wrought iron! The only time the windows are closed is when we are sleeping or when it’s raining! I think it’s interesting too that the streetscape in the mural is at the same perspective as the new windows…it is quite amazing, really.

See the equipal chaise, above?  That’s where you’ll find me reading.  I can see both hummingbird feeders from there, too.

Can you see we also had the fountain retiled?  One last picture, below.

This house spoke to us the first time we saw it, and we love it even more now.  If you want to see the whole project from start to finish either go to the Photos page above or click here.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. The 2-d picture at the top gives the illusion that the sala is open to the street.
      I think it is great. I do sort of miss the virgin, though.

    1. Oh, it’s just beautiful. What a great space to relax and enjoy friends and family

    1. Magnifico! The fountain looks great with its new tile, and you have so many picturesque places to relax! You’re right about the mural, it just seems an extension of the room. If they have a Mexican version of Architectural Digest your house belongs in it.

    1. Oh Nancy, what a beautiful home…pure respite! I am sure that both of you are happy that the work is complete. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Babs, Thank you, we are really happy.

      John, Thank you!

      Michael, Yes, it really does look like it is a continuation of the street. And we miss the virgen too, we will probably get another tile mural installed some day (and install it with the tiles all facing the correct direction, too!)

      Jackie, Thanks, Once we recover from the work we are looking forward to many happy times there.

      1st Mate, When we had the fountain installed we kept waiting for them to tell us when it was time to select tile – and then one day we came home and saw they had installed the beige floor tile in it. It had just never seemed right, and now with the talavera it is perfect.

      Canadiangrl, thank you!!! It is a very peaceful space. As a matter of fact, I am heading there right now with my new Louise Erdrich book!

    1. Nancy, Paul – the house looks fantastic. We tell everyone about our lunch together a few months ago and how great your home looked then. Hopefully we can see the new changes when we get down again in November.

      Looking forward to having you folks to our place “up the hill” also.

    1. It looks fantastic!!! Love the street scene. Can’t tell where the mural stops and starts it’s so well integrated. What a peaceful and beautiful place to spend an afternoon. Is there a hammock in there somewhere for siestas??

    1. Your chaise reminds me again of the lack of reading space in my current living arrangement. I can read on the patio, but there is nothing inside. Last week I was using my laptop in the living room. I had to get the emergency flashlight to look at my keyboard. Part of that is my eyes. But I would literally give my eye teeth for something similar to your sala fresca. I need to watch that more closely when I look at rental houses. Great job. Once again, the mural is working its way into the complete design.

    1. Sandie and Mike, We really look forward to your return to Mazatlan. We’ll have some fun.

      Mic, Thank you! It is very peaceful. We have a hammockbut it is a bit too enveloping, you kind of feel like you are in a cocoon, we also have a hammock chair. I can siesta both places!

      Steve, A comfortable place to read is tops on our list. But even if your rental doesn’t have one, with your truck you can buy something and bring it home.

    1. Amazing!! I can see why you fell in love with the house the first time you saw it 🙂 The setting is fantastic!!!

    1. Nancy,

      What a beautiful room. I love the interior courtyard with the fountain. One of the first few houses we looked at in Chapala had an interior courtyard and I loved it. We didn’t end up buying that house, but I’ve always loved that layout.

    1. wow! I want a mural! Your sala fresca, okay, your whole house is so awesome! I am jealous, it’s beautiful. Great job!

    1. Wow Nancy. You guys never cease to amaze me with that house!!! I have to say though, every time I look at properties for sale online I’m forever comparing them to yours!

    1. The sala looks beautiful! You guys must be very, very pleased, it is lovely. I especially love the wood, and the mural perspective is perfect!

    1. IslaGringo, Thank you, I agree about it being worth the trouble, although there were a few days when I thought not…

      LaurenCancun, Thanks, I usually have an immediate response to a house, when I first saw this one could see what it could be.

      Betty. Thanks, the inner courtyard is one of my favorite features. The house is wide open all day long. By the way, you asked one time when the best time is to visit Mazatlán – I would say February through April is the best weather, but try to skip Semana Santa.

      Theresa, Thank you, come on over someday, ok?

      Beth, Thank you! I seriously pinch myself with disbelief. I feel so lucky.

      Lindalou, Thanks, yes, the wood gives it a very warm feeling. Warm as in cozy, it is still nice and FRESCA in there!

    1. Nancy, you continue to impress me with the respectful renovations you make. I love the way you make improvements while honoring the heritage of your house. You rock!

    1. Jennifer, That is so nice of you to say. It never fails to stun me though, that there are people who buy old houses like ours and then rip out or change everything that is old and has character. I feel like we are just the stewards of this house, that it will last well beyond our lifespan. Kind of cool to think that way, we feel a sense of responsibility. What is that saying? “First, do no harm.”

    1. Nancy, I absolutely love it! You guys have a great house and have a knack for design! I can’t wait to see it.

    1. nancy,

      your entire home is like a work of art-absolutely beautiful! i love the sala fresca-who did the mural? it looks as if you could just walk down that street.


      p.s. ocean shores had very nice weather the 4 days we were there-2 overcast and 2 sunny days!

    1. Wow, so beautiful! It blends in so well with that fabulous mural. You guys have done such a fantastic job of renovating your home. I enjoy the pictures of your progress.

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