Shopping in Mazatlán

July 23, 2015

I finally headed out today to Naturalia and Dulceria Don Juan since the cupboards were getting bare. I’d been putting it off as it has been a bit too hot and humid lately for schlepping heavy bags in the blazing sun. We eat a lot of nuts and seeds and even though it was hot I braved the weather this afternoon to replenish our stores.

First I went to Naturalia. (Zaragoza 807, Centro) They have all kinds of things I like to buy but today I stopped in for bee pollen and moringa leaves. I then went to Dulceria Don Juan (Carvajal 2209-A, Centro) and bought pecans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, chia seeds, and bulk cinnamon.

I have always had the idea that I was saving money over what I would pay in the US but today I finally did a comparison. It turns out that for everything except the cinnamon I saved money. (But I think the cinnamon I buy here is better!) Below is a breakdown of the prices on the things I bought and a comparison with online nut/seed sellers. Of course part of the price difference probably has to do with the fabulous US dollar to Mexican peso exchange rate right now… 16.21. It’s great for those of us whose income is in dollars but especially tough on Mexicans at the lower end of the economic scale.


I also looked at my list and thought you might find it interesting. I know I am not fluent in Spanish but my brain is engaged in two languages all day long and it’s reflected in my lists. Sometimes I have trouble remembering words in English… now I don’t worry about it, I just write in whichever language the word comes to me. Hopefully that means I am making progress.


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    1. Love that store – we visit often when in Mazatlan

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