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June 9, 2011


Coming up Saturday is one of our favorite events of the summer here – Dia de la Musica.  It is actually at night, and there are 21 groups performing at six stages around Centro with live music for more than five hours. The event is free.  Below is the lineup:

Programa del Día de la Música 2011:

Escenario Machado (calle heriberto frías, en la plazuela)
Coro Guillermo Sarabia
Camerata Mazatlán
Pumcayó (guadalajara)
Thesconek t (df) watch video
Klezmerson (df) watch video

Escenario Rock y Tendencias (calle niños héroes,frente a la mona)
Venus Rex Machina
Carlitos Ojos Rojos (mzt – barcelona)
Los Insensatos
Dapunto Beat (df) watch video

Escenario Banda y Tropical (olas altas esq. constitución)
Ensamble de percusiones
La Mazatleca

We’ll go from location to location visiting with friends and enjoying the music.  If you’re in Mazatlán, don’t miss it!  Here’s a link to a video put together by Mazatlán Cultura about the Dia de la Musica.

Last year I wrote about it, here.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Wish I could be there for this Day of Music, but I was supposed to be in NYC this weekend. Enjoyed the Lori Davidson video, plan to watch the others…thanks. Any other events you particularly recommend between now and October?

    1. I can’t decide if my favourite rock band name is Carlitos Ojos Rojos (mzt – barcelona), or Los Insensatos, or Claussen. I am leaning toward Claussen.

    1. I can’t lie, your new camera is most impressive and I am jealous!! As to the Dia de la Musica, I had no idea about this event. How wonderful! Happy you are there to share it with us who only are in Mazatalan 5 months of the year. Enjoy!

    1. Haven’t attempted panoramic with my Sony. Gotta do that. The music sounds like a great time!

      1. Les, I can’t think of anything big except the Dia de la Musica that happens in the summer… keep an eye on M! Magazine, Pacific Pearl, Mazatlan Messenger, and Mazatlan Life and here, of course (see the @Maz Page) as often things are announced with little warning.

        Michael, I love all the names, it is going to be a party! You ought to be here, this is right up your alley!

        Contessa, You guys would love this event but I will take some pictures to share Sunday or Monday.

        Marty, I usually only scratch the surface of what my camera can do, this time I am trying to learn as much as I can.

    1. I have a panoramic mode on my Olympus but I really haven’t given it much of a work out. It the style where you have to line of the shots and click each time. My niece has some little cheaper camera that she can take panoramic shots just by moving the camera. Next time that will be a function I will look for. I am on my 3r Olympus because of the ease of use.I am not sure that I need more than 8mp so I good for now.

    1. i’m lovin’ your blog. just recently i’ve been thinking about checking out mazatlan (i live up the coast in bahia kino) and now i’m even more fired up thanks to your photos and stories. maybe i’ll see you there!

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