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March 10, 2011

If you are visiting Mazatlán in the winter, you owe it to yourself to spend the first Friday of each month visiting open artist studios in Centro Historico.  First Friday Art Walk is from 4-8 pm, and you can amble from one studio to another using the maps & artist profiles that are available all over town (and on the website link above).  This month the First Friday art walk is actually taking place on the second  Friday, the 11th, a necessary change due to Carnaval activities.

If you don’t happen to be able to come to Centro for First Friday,  you can visit a couple of new galleries in Centro during regular business hours.


One bit of news this month in the Mazatlán art world is that Darian Day and Michael Fitzpatrick have opened a dedicated gallery – Mexicolors – inside the Casa de Leyendas bed and breakfast at Venustiano Carranza No. 4, across from the Art Museum.  Michael and Darian’s Mexicolors Collection contains more than 3000 photographic images from Mazatlán and other parts of Mexico including Tlaquepaque, Patzcuaro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Yuriria, Mérida, Valladolid, Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres and more.

A Mexicolors Arch


A Mexicolors entrance hall

Darian and Michael recently received the honor of being approved by INAH (National Institute of History and Anthropology) to market their archaeological imagery in such prestigious institutions as the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City and other sites and museums around the country.

Darian and Michael


The Mexicolors gallery within Casa de Leyendas will be “almost always open” – thanks to the gracious and friendly hosting of the gallery by Sharon and Glenn Sorrie of Casa de Leyendas.  You can almost always stop in at any reasonable hour and browse the collection.  They’ll be open Fridays during Art Walk – and this time for their special Grand Opening event.



Another recent addition to the Mazatlán art scene is the Luna Gallery.  This gallery represents many Mazatlán artists, including Rafael Avila, Mark Jay, Glen Rogers, Dave Robb, Nan Robb, Lucila Santiago, and many more.  The works shown change monthly and the opening night is always a fun event in town.

Glen Rogers and Mark Jay in front of one of Glen’s works

This town is full of incredibly talented artists and we love having the work of many local artists hanging on our walls.  You should check them out, too! Luna Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm or at other times by appointment.  The gallery is located at Niños Héroes #1211, in Centro Histórico.

Rafael Avila with his work “Suspiro”

– Disclosure:  Yes, we are friends with the people above.


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    1. Shucks! We won’t be there til Tuesday! I’m sure we’ll find tons more to do-every time we go we find new fun stuff!

    1. What a nice tribute to nice people! I didn’t know that fact about Darian and Mike’s work which is stupendously wonderful! You support the art scene in more ways than one. In other words, putting your money where your (mouth) keyboard is. As I sit here in Luna today, I look around and think how lucky we are.

      1. Marty, You can always visit Mexicolors and Luna Gallery even if you missed the Art Walk! Hope you have a great visit.

        Zoe, We feel so lucky to have such a great art environment here and glad that they get so much support from the community. Paul is “gallery sitting” tomorrow – like you are today – last week he had some fun as various people came in and some actually bought a big work.

    1. It’s good to see you write about these gifted artists and the beautiful spaces they have to show their work, Nancy – yes, we are lucky and they add so much to our lives in Mazatlan. Zoe and Paul, what a treat for you! And I live about a block from both of these galleries – how lucky is that?

    1. Thank you for this, Nancy. I’d love to see you post more stuff like this, as it gives those of us not based in El Centro more insight into the cool world you and your friends have there.

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