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January 12, 2012

Life here has finally settled down a bit since the holidays.  I always love the crush of parties and visiting and the festive feeling but I am often ready for life to calm down a few days before it does! Now life is normal for winter – I am just the right amount of busy.

I wrote a new column for January’s M! Magazine – on food treats from around México.

Last Saturday was the first weekly Organic Market at Plazuela Zaragoza. It was fantastic – everyone there sold out and I’ve been told there will be four more vendors this coming week.  There was so much wonderful food – from organic eggs and quinoa to organic dried mangoes, beautiful organic soaps, and tons of lovely vegetables.  Hector from Molika Bakery was there with his delicious baked goods and Looney Bean was selling coffee so many people were able to have breakfast right there!  The hours are 8 am to noon.

Last Friday was First Friday Art Walk and it was my first time working during the walk.  Paul takes the Friday shift at Luna Gallery so I came over and helped him once Art Walk got going.  The feeling was so festive and there were so many people out and about!  We think at least 200 people came through and I know they enjoyed the current show – Clouds by Dave Robb as well as the other artists the gallery represents.  It was a lot of fun but next month I am going to wear more comfortable shoes!

If you’d like to see a cool video done by blogger MazReal about the Clouds show at Luna, check it out here.

There’s more, too!  Tonight is a talk on Diego Rivera at Recrea and then another art opening – this one is a show by Dory Perdomo at Look.  You could also go to Danzon tonight in the Plazuela Zaragoza, there is dancing there every Thursday.  I love to go and just watch! If you want to know more about what’s going on around town I recommend keeping an eye on Mazatlan Life.

I have been enjoying my free time catching up on some reading. I just finished 52 Loaves, My Year of Meats and Kitchen and and am looking for what to read next. I also decided that the table mat I am knitting for the center of my dining room table still needs a couple more rounds.  I am planning on felting it – then I can start on knitting something for my granddaughter Consuelo with the white and orange yarn she chose when I visited in December. My knitting group and book group meet regularly and I just love them both.

The atmosphere in town is festive and happy.  I believe people are feeling optimistic and positive about life in Mazatlán.  We know people who are buying a house here after living here for several winters.  The symphony is giving four performances that we hadn’t expected, and Carnaval 2012 is already underway, too.

The weather has been a bit on and off – a bit chilly (by our standards) at times.  That means we wear pants and maybe a sweater, though!  Most days are sunny and warm and if it cools off it’s usually at night.  We are having good times here in Mazatlán, I hope you are enjoying yourself, too!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I just read about a study showing that happy people live longer – you just added a bit to my lifespan with this article by pointing out how great things are in Mazatlan, right at this moment.

    1. Great article depicting life in Mazatlan right now. I came home so happy from our day in town and most especially from Art Walk. You can’t help but love this town. Looking forward to the symphony on Sunday.

    1. Just found out our next trip to Mazatlan will probably be mid-February. Can’t wait-we’ll have to check out the organic market. Maybe we can arrange to meet, finally, too!

      1. Judith, Thanks so much, I think we always have fun, don’t we?

        Contessa, I’m sure you had a great time at the symphony, we are going this Sunday, perhaps we’ll see you there!

        Marty, Wow, you are the globe-trotter aren’t you? It would be great to meet, give a holler when you know your plans.

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