The last drop

May 16, 2010

of paint, that is.  No more posts, I promise!

The house above needs  a little touch up still but it looks so much better!x

The one below is a beauty.



This is one of my favorite homes in all of Mazatlán.  I especially love the second floor porch!



How about this one?



Or this?



The paint job below might be called putting lipstick on a pig, but if the concrete was repaired it would be a cutie.



This is one of my favorite houses in Maz.


If you’d like to see all of the Fresh Paint 2010 pictures, click here.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

      1. Thanks Steve! I’ll see if there is much more painting that will be worth documenting – we are getting close to the rainy season, you don’t really want to paint when the humidity is high…

    1. Beautiful paint jobs. Makes for great subject matter.

    1. Love the colors….sooooo cheerful to live with 🙂

    1. Thanks Nancy for the photos! Your architecture is very interesting – totally different from San Miguel. It kinda reminds me of New Orleans in some weird way….
      lovely. Fabulous colors.
      I’ll HAVE to get over your way………..some day!

    1. These are great, Nancy. Do you have before/afters paired up somewhere?

    1. That last one is certainly the most beautiful!!

      1. Hi everyone! I’m so glad you liked the paint series, I will see if I can round up any more photos for one more! And Babs, the style here is mostly Neoclassical Tropical, much the same style as New Orleans. Maz is unique in that it has a historic Centro in a city on the coast. And Dianne, I probably do have some photos of a few of these in my Around Mazatlan photo gallery (see the Photos link at the top menu bar) but mostly Ijust noticed them being painted and took pictures.

    1. Hi Nancy:
      Even while we were there the difference in some of the houses was amazing but these pictures are really wonderful. I can’t figure out where a lot of them are but it will be fun next fall going to find them.
      When a friend was down last winter, she kept saying how much Maz reminded her of New Orleans. I’ve never been there so I don’t know but if it is a beautiful as Maz it must be lovely.

      1. Ingrid, Most of these are on Belisario Dominguez and if you go to the Photos page each picture has its street listed. I think the city is really focusing on Belisario Dominguez since it used to be called Calle Principal (or Main Street.) In addition there is a lot of work going on with sidewalks – the bad patch across from our house and the corner at Melchor Ocampo are being fixed or just were. And they are fixing the facade of the Genero Estrada house at Melchor Ocampo – I think it might be getting the next paint job! That would be a treat!

    1. I am enjoying the painting of old town pictures. Another set or two would be ok by me!

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