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August 30, 2009

We took the dogs to the groomer the other day.  Henry needed a trim, and Lucy needed a bath.  They both needed updates on their shots.

It is exhausting for Henry to go to the groomer.  He gets anxious in the car, and is nervous the whole time he’s there.  He about flies out the door when we pick him up, and when we get home, he sleeps for the rest of the day.  This time he came back to us looking normal; short all over and a schnauzer face.  His picture is at the top of the post.

The funny one this time was Lucy!  She is a ten year old lab mix, and when we came to pick her up, she had pink bows glued to her ears and her nails were pink!  What a crackup!  I think the ladies there are so used to doing little white poodles that they got a bit carried away!

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    1. And Lucy thinks to herself: “Those bipeds sure have strange ideas about beauty…”.

    1. No, you’re kidding, they didn’t really GLUE those bows to Lucy’s ears, did they? She looks like she and the grooming ladies were all in on a big joke.

      Poor Henry is probably mostly scared of the clippers. They do sound ferocious when they’re buzzing around your ears or your (gulp!) privates.

    1. Jackie, She usually doesn’t like people messing with her toes, I wonder how many treats she got?

      1st Mate, They did glue them, but Paul yanked them off without too much trouble. Henry used to prance on in there so I think maybe he got nipped by them once or something.

      Now if the hurricane actually comes this way, Henry will have something to be scared of!

    1. They both look beautiful and Lucy, well…. She actually looks kind of proud! HAHA

    1. Back in the day before I learned how to groom my own dogs, the groomer would put pink bows on my male dog’s ears. Neither he nor I appreciated it!

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