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August 10, 2009

I’d decided it was time to cover our two plastic tables on the upstairs patio with a tablecloth.  These are plastic Coca Cola tables that have a groove on each side to keep spilled or sweating drinks from dripping off the edge.  The problem is these grooves collect rain and dew and dirt, too.  I figured my favorite heavy duty flowered plastic would be perfect!  I think it looks pretty cool (above), don’t you?  (23 pesos per meter)

While I was out I decided to pop into a dulceria just for fun.  I have a sweet tooth, you know.   I knew they  mostly carried the fixin’s for stuffing piñatas, but I figured I’d probably find something to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Little did I know that I’d come home with groceries! (below)

And even though I have been off cigarettes for a year, I couldn’t resist buying some cigarritos!  Aren’t the names funny?

And finally, here is what the candy inside looks like, just little colored balls of sugar.  It’s sitting on the other plastic I bought…some of which is going to become a new beach bag, I think.

(Both San Vicente (the store with the plastic) and the dulceria are on Teniente Azueta between Genaro Estrada & Miguel Hidalgo in Centro)


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. The nice thing is that you can buy a couple more different patterns and change them out as you want. My friend, Rose, makes and sells beach/tote bags out of this oilcloth material. Use that 2″ webbing for the handles.

      So you have exchanged lung disease for rotten teeth? Too funny!

    1. The cigarette knockoffs are wonderful. I particularly like the Acmels. The maker, when apprehended, can always use the typo defense. In Dharamsala, I was offered a lovely flat top dreadnaught guitar–a Givson.

    1. In all these years I have never actually gone into a dulceria! I’ve got to go. This is so cool and your upstairs patio is incredible. You and Paul have created an amazing house Nancy. I want to come there…maybe in October….and how about you guys coming up here sometime. San Carlos is not true Mexico, but you can find it and Guaymas is great!

    1. IslaGringo, Yes, I bought three meters of the second fabric which is two meters for another tablecloth and one for a bag. Good idea for the handles, I will get some.

      John, All of the names of the products have been changed, and they just crack me up.Gron flakes for Corn flakes?? I doubt they are worried about being apprehended though, you know, bigger fish to fry and all that…

      Jan, Do it, it was lots of fun. And they had a lot of traditional candies, too, the neopolitan coconut candy, the peanut brittle sort of stuff made here, etc. Plus lots of little toys and stuff you’d put in a piñata. And a ton of other stuff, salsa, paper plates, and gum of every shape and size.

    1. Jan, I forgot to say of course we need to get together, I have been hoping you would be going back or forth sometime to PV and want to stop. We are *thinking* about a trip to Tuscon or Phoenix, if we do that we will stop for sure. We stayed in San Carlos on our way down when we moved here, at the Tonaka (???) trailer park and cabins. It was empty in late September, and hot! But that’s the only visit to San Carlos for us so far.

    1. I’m embarassed to say that I didn’t notice the name brands on the box until I noticed the MIZENA box. They look so authentic! I showed the pictures to my kids and nephews and they caught on much faster than I did!

      Your patio looks lovely!

    1. Uh, oh! For a second there I was worried you were going to smoke all those packs! Funny names! I’ve found all kinds of neat things in dulcerias. Did yours have the endless rolls of plastic bags in different sizes, perfect for dog walks?

      That’s Totanaka, the trailer park you stayed in. Oh, and if you just wait until after Oct. 15 the weather will be lovely here. We’ll have a major blogger meetup.

    1. I am thinking you have one of the neatest houses in Mazatlan! I love that Mexican oilcloth and wonder why it is so hard to find in the states. At one time, John and I were going to do a side business of beach bags, purses, appliance covers, clutches, baby bags, etc. as there is a sewing co-operative near Bisbee by at the border. Never did, obviously.

      Getting ready to head back on Thursday, just in time to sweat and stew for a few more months. Thanks goodness for 3 AC untis. Anything smallish you need? I am bringing a lot of stuff for various people..almost no room for our OWN things.

    1. Leslie, I really got a kick out of the product names, too.

      1st. Mate, Yes, they had a ton of plastic bags and paper plates, that kind of thing. We’ve bought our giant bag rolls at Sam’s but next time I’ll buy from the dulceria! A blogger meetup sounds good, too!

      Zoe, There is a lot of the patterned oilcloth here but in too thin a gauge for me, so far the place I blogged about here is the only place I have found so far with the thick stuff. And thanks so much for the offer to bring something down, but we are planning a trip to Washington State in early September so we’re fine for now. Have a safe trip!

    1. Nancy,
      I love the one-off names of near familiar items in Mexico. A real hoot is to watch the buses in town that go to Wall Mart – every bus I saw in Mazatlan had Walt – Mart written on the window instead of Wall Mart. I have a picture of that bus window on my photo display. It makes me smile every time I see it, and guests ask what was that? What a pleasant memory to remember as I look at your cereals and cigarettes.

      It is finally cool and rainy here in Thurston County, so I am again dreaming about those endless warm days in Mazatlan.

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