Beautiful Mazatlán Evening

June 17, 2009

Last weekend Paul and I headed out to dinner at Le Sorelle, the restaurant at the Casa Lucila Boutique Hotel.  We like the food there – mostly mediteranean – and the service and atmosphere.  The restaurant and bar has very high ceilings with exposed vigas and the windows open wide so you can watch the sunset.  We sat in big comfy leather armchairs.   Last year we watched an electrical storm from there – it was the perfect place to watch the show.

There were high waves (olas altas)  all last weekend that led to the cancellation of a regatta and some other events.  In the video below there were quite a few surfers at both sides of the beach, way more than normal due to the high waves. (1 minute 2 seconds)

Sunday we stopped at a palapa restaurant on Playa Norte in the afternoon and while we were there the lifeguards came whistling by… telling everyone to get out of the water.  The waves were huge – and very unorganized.  That’s the kind of water that I got thrashed in last year – I injured my elbow and it isn’t fully healed yet!  Most people got out of the water after the lifeguards said to but after a few minutes headed back in, of course!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Yes we are getting the waves a bit further south too.

    1. Thanks for letting us watch the sunset with you. It was beautiful!!

    1. Sounds like we were down there at the same time. Which palapa were you guys at? We stopped at Lupe’s. Pattie tried the surf and was promptly knocked on her back side. Where we were, the lifeguards finally gave up trying to get the last two people in. Loco.


    1. AMM, It seems to have calmed down now, but it was pretty crazy for a few days.

      Mic, Glad you enjoyed the sunset…it seems like there is a gorgeous one every single night, but I still have never seen the “green flash” everyone talks about.

      Larry, HA! We were at Lupe’s, too. Didn’t see you but it was kind of a mob scene.

      Leslie, I pinch myself every day. It’s a great life.

    1. Next time take a look at the sandy area on the north side. No chance of crowds with the added advantage of playing in sand with your toes. Besides, we had our two little Chihuahuas with us and they like to play in the sand too.

      Life is good!!


    1. In March’84, I and 2 friends sailed a 45′ Slutter (Sloop/Cutter sail configuration) from Ventura CA to Hilo, HI. Made a fast passage of 19 days. Every evening I sat with my fingers holding my eyelids from blinking trying to see the Green Flash….no success 🙁 Am now convinced it’s a Myth…..but have been wrong a time or two. Sure would like to hear that you’ve seen it if you do.

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