Summer is flying by…

August 8, 2013

Wow, a whole month has passed since my last post! I had such good intentions – truly I wanted to be blogging more frequently but I was just having so much fun!

What was I up to? Here we go, in no particular order…


Paul and I bought a new car. We got tired of our little Honda Fit, wanting something that felt a bit roomier and was higher up off the road. (If you drive in Mazatlán during a rainstorm, you’ll understand why.) We shopped around and ended up with a VW Tiguan. We are thrilled with our choice and are enjoying all its fancy features like hands-free cell phones, a SD card input for music and a double length sunroof. We’re thinking about a road trip, too… possibly driving on the new highway between here and Durango when it opens in October and then continuing on to San Antonio and Austin just for fun.


I went to the US for a couple of weeks. I flew into Seattle and spent a few days with my sister and family. It was a super visit, and my sister and I even had time for a spa day and a lot of shopping. While she went back to work, I headed North to Bellingham to visit with son Phil and his family. What a fantastic time we had! I got to go to volleyball practice, a baseball game, exercise at the gym, for lunch and a swim off the boat in Lake Whatcom, a great hike at Mt. Baker, and lots of great meals. The time just flew by.


You might be interested that after six years here in México, the main things that I buy when I visit the US are clothes and vitamins. Clothes here are expensive and I am still somewhat bewildered by what size I am. Shoes in my size (9 1/2) are hard to come by at all. I buy vitamins from iHerb and Trader Joe’s. I pack a duffle bag inside my suitcase and always fill it up by the time I head back.

We had a party. It was a summer celebration party – and I celebrated that we could actually invite people over during the summer even though we don’t have air conditioning in our living spaces. We had lots of fans going but really I think those of us who are year-rounders were just ready to have some fun. I won’t hesitate to invite people over in the summer any more.


We’re on our way to Permanent visa status. That’s the equivalent of a green card in the US – we are allowed to stay here permanently with no need to renew our visa. After six years of a wonderful life here in Mazatlán we are thrilled at this change in status. We read about long waits and difficult to understand processes in other parts of México, but here things are very easy and low-key. Today we went in to Immigration, presented ourselves at the counter and within ten minutes we had been given the paperwork saying we were working towards permanent status. We paid the deposit at the bank and then visited Angel Cruz Cruz (next door to immigration) who has done our paperwork for the last few years. He prepared our packet and we took it back to the immigration office. A few minutes later we had our application number. Back to Angel for photos. In a few days we’ll go back in for fingerprints and to give them the passport pictures. Two weeks or so later we should have our new permanent visas. I guess I’ll be permanently preserved on my visa with super short hair!


Work continues around town as eyesores turn into beauties. A couple are above.

Now I promise – really promise – that it won’t be so long before my next post.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Please let us know how long it takes to get the permanent status card in your hand. The snafu seems to be that all applications go to DF for processing and there is a backlog of about six weeks.

      Will be interested to know if you experience this.

      You’re looking absolutely radiant my dear.

    1. I think your hair looks beautiful, and I’m wondering if it is not the perfect length for those hot humid days?

      1. Babs, Hi there! I will post with how long it takes, but friends of ours just got theirs back after a two week wait. And thank you for your nice words, I feel great, too!

        Diane, You’re right, it is perfect for this weather. I will keep it short in the future, but a bit longer than this!

    1. Hola Nancy,

      Glad to hear you are well. Wow, the improvement of the old buildings in Maz must be amazing. F and I were there some years ago, and I’d be eager to return to see all the changes, and of course to meet you all too.

      Check out my new blog:


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where we are getting into blogging.

    1. I was surprised at how simple getting my permanent resident card was. I had mine in hand in eight business days. It was as simple as buying my first car in Mexico.

      You are looking very good.

      1. Kim I’m doing great, thank you. C’mon out to Mazatlan, the city is looking wonderful and we’d love to meet you. I love your new blog, it’s on my blogroll under Mexico Dreamers and Snowbirds. By the way, my Spanish teacher also used soltar for shed, as in the dog sheds… love it.

        Steve, Hi there, yes things are easy here too!

    1. Great catchup post amiga. Love the new car, it will handle topes much better. If you do that road trip all the Rvers will love you. They are waiting for a write up before trying it. I know it will bring more Rvers to Mazatlan from the East side of Canada, saving them 3 days of driving time.

      You are looking beautiful, just glowing with health and happiness. Looking forward to seeing you in November. We are coming for a full 5 months.

      Just love the new color of the building on Carnaval. I am looking forward to checking out all the changes in Mazatlan.

      1. Hi Contessa,

        Nice to hear from you, it will be good to have a more normal winter where we can actually get a real visit in! We will report on the drive, some friends did it not long ago, though and they said that the amount not finished yet takes about 4 hours on the old road. The rest is A+. They also said a great place for an overnight is Parras, from what I understand it is a beautiful town. Will report back later!

    1. Nancy, I’m so glad you have been having so much fun. And congrats on being well on your way to having permanent status. Our recent experience here in Maz was super, everything going through super fast with nary a hitch. We are so lucky here to have Angel to help us, he is so professional and helpful. LOVE your car, you are making us antsy to get a new one, too! I think Sadie would love a sun roof. Oh, and thanks for the party, it was stellar!

      1. Judith, HI! Hope you’re having fun in SMA, I just saw the first part of September there is a big hummingbird conference or something, I am so jealous! We think our visas will go as well as yours, it just feels like it. Angel makes it a breeze, and for 250 pesos, crazy. Well have fun, we miss you.

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