Endless Summer (of construction) in Mazatlan

July 25, 2017


A couple of readers asked me whether the road construction in Centro was completed yet… so I thought it might be time for yet another update!. The work is proceeding but it is far from complete.

The pictures that follow are a loop we walked today – South on Belisario Dominguez, West on Sixto Osuna, North along Olas Altas, and East along Angel Flores with a few pics from cross streets thrown in to the mix.

The picture at the top of the post is one of my favorite Trees of Heaven. Have you read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? In it, a tree of heaven was described as plants (and people) who can grow and flourish in the harshest of circumstances. This one makes me laugh, you can check out the blog post I did with four previous pictures of this hardy tree here.

There are lots of other places undergoing construction that I didn’t take pictures of!  Work continues at Playa Norte where the skate park is being replaced, the malecon from Valentino’s to Hotel Amigo is being revamped, El Faro is being totally overhauled, there is a new park underway at Paseo Claussen and Calle Zaragoza, the Baseball Stadium is being renovated, and there are various projects also in the Golden Zone.  Even out near the new mall and Walmart there is a roundabout with a giant fountain under construction.  All of this work will continue for many months for sure, so if you are in town or planning to come, be prepared!

The swimming pool next to Pedro & Lola’s
Facing West on Angel Flores, this is huge progress, no more 10 foot deep hole!
Facing East on Angel Flores
Belisario Dominguez at the newly remodeled Hotel Central. They are having a hard time loading and unlading guests.
Mariano Escobedo looking towards Hector’s Bistro
Mariano Escobedo looking West. The door is open to the orange building, wouldn’t it be great if it was to be renovated?
Belisario Dominguez near Banorte. Getting close.
I have my doubts about this roof drainage
More messed up roof drainage pipes and the new pavers are already stained with oil.
Constitucion looking West
Constitucion looking East towards the Plazuela Machado
Belisario Dominguez
Belisario Dominguez looking South from Sixto Osuna
Niños Heros looking North from Water’s Edge Bistro
Niños Heroes looking South from Sixto Osuna
Calle Venus at Sixto Osuna



Olas Altas at the Escudo
Looking North from the Freeman Hotel
More Olas Altas. See the new palms?
Constitucion with a huge pile at the intersection ahead
Mariano Escobedo
Shrimp Bucket took advantage of the disruption to renovate some of their rooms. The Venado is looking good.


They made big progress here since the last time I came by. See the new palms?
So pretty with no cars on it! The former tourist office will now be a jewelry store.


Retting ready for pavers
New palms, working on the pavers… Calle Venus
A reverse look at Angel Flores. Still need sidewalks.
Staging area, not sure if they will ring Plaza Hidalgo with pavers, too. Many of the workers are living in the black plastic tent under the trees.


Making good progress here, need pavers though.
Working on the sidewalks
Mariano Escobedo and Angel Flores
Mariano Escobedo
Making progress!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Looks like it will be great for walkers and tour groups. Not so good if you want to drive and then find a parking place. I am looking forward to roaming the streets of Centro.

    1. Glad I don’t bring my car down anymore. The bus service is very good, so no need.

    1. Thank you so very much for the photo tour; appreciate your effort and time to do this. Can see lots of changes but some leave me baffled – looking forward to our next visit to Mazatlan.

    1. Wow. It’s looking very good – but certainly coming along slowly. It does appear that Olas Altas is almost finished, though.

    1. The area around the Venadito looks really good. Thanks for the post. Good to get a peek at the progress.
      The pavers looks so nice it’s a shame to let cars drive on them! 😉

    1. Very comprehensive Nancy…one day we will laugh about this mess…I hope!

    1. Thanks so much. I feel more up-to-date now. They invested a lot of energy into the former tourist office. I hope it does well. I am looking forward to seeing the construction all finished. Very glad we don’t have a car.

    1. I hope these new trees at calle carnaval to be leafy and give that great look many years later as the big old trees that were at the corner of NidArt did before being cut down.

    1. Wow — Centro under siege! Can it really be done by high season?

    1. Excellent update! Thank you for taking the time. Looks like Olas Altas is the only street nearing completion but probably the most important business-wise. Other streets don’t look much different from our visit mid-June. Maybe another update in September? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the pictures. Been wondering what has been happening while we were out and about! Now we know! It looks like it is coming along nicely. Anyone take pictures of the new Park on Paseo?

    1. Nancy and Paul…thank you for these amazing photos. Gives me hope…miss you!

    1. Awesome post. That’s a lot accomplished since we headed north in late May. They really have got a lot done when you consider everything is constructed with wheelbarrows and Armstrong shovels! We’re really excited with the palm trees that have been planted throughout Mazatlan and this refresh of all the Centro roadways is amazing. Good on you Mazatlán/ Mexico.

    1. Fantastic set of photographs. We can’t wait to get back in November from the UK! Every year Mazatlan gets better

    1. Great photos of all the work being done in Centro and around other parts of town. Thanks for posting. It gives us a good idea of not only what we will be dealing with when we return this fall but also the important and beneficial beautification work being done by the city.

    1. It’s good to see that the city honors its colonial tradition. It will be a pleasure to walk the streets without big holes and the bacterial dust that comes with them. The obvious question is: How long will it take the water district to start digging up the newly paved streets? Not long,I bet. This is one of the mysteries of Mexico. Thank you for the pictures. Any chance of an update?

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