First step in the patio improvements

May 8, 2009

Our upstairs patio is only used in the evening because it is so sunny.  Well, in the winter we do go out there during the day, but evening is  when it sees us most, once the sun has gone down.  It’s a great place for lounging in the evening, looking up at the stars and listening to the sounds of the neighborhood.

We’d discussed adding some sort of shade structure, but we came to the conclusion that we have plenty of places to sit in the shade, and  we wanted to have a place to enjoy the sun.

We had a few pots up there, but they looked random…no real unified look or plan. (A lemon tree, bamboo, bouganvilla, aloe, etc.)  But it won’t feel random anymore once we get it all planted!

We went out shopping today with our landscapers (and friends), Scott and Coco, and this afternoon twenty-two huge pots were delivered.  The total cost for all of them was $11,000 pesos – or about $840 dollars. (Including delivery)  The largest of the pots weighed 80 kilos and took four men to carry upstairs. The 22 pots consisted of one giant, three big, and the rest medium.  I know we could have found better prices if we’d driven to Guadalajara, but since that wasn’t on the agenda, we are pleased with what we got and the price paid.

In the next week we’ll have a delivery of soil, which will be carried upstairs bucket by bucket.  Then another shopping trip, this time for plants.  We know in the bigger pots we’re going to have a banana, an areca palm, possibly a eucalyptus (we saw one today), and a plumeria.  I also bought a fig tree that I am thrilled about.

We hope to have the pots all planted by the end of next week.  And yes, there will be pictures then, too.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. All the little glimpses of your house that you have given us over time just make me want to hop on a plane and come get a personal tour! It looks lovely.

    1. How cool! I can’t wait to see how they arrange it all. That has kind of stumped me, arranging pots and what to put in what is a tough call. If there is a secret, please share it.

    1. i think that’s the biggest pot i’ve ever seen. have fun planting. i look forward to the pictures.

      teresa in lake stevens, wa.

    1. How exciting! Looking forward to the end result! That orange wall is fabulous

    1. What gorgeous pots! I want some more big pots for my rooftop too. Plumeria can take a remarkably small pot btw. I love figs, I keep buying fig trees but the only ones I find a tiny and inevitably die from the heat. I want a fig tree! I can’t wait to see it all finished.

    1. Thanks everyone…you are all invited for your personal tour anytime you want, you know! Come on ahead!

      I will try and pick Scott and COco’s brains about their planning process. So far I know it is big plants in the corners and next to the door, a grouping by the chaise lounges, and small pots grouped around the big ones. A flame vine will crawl along the front wall, draping over. Exciting!

    1. By the way – love how your blog roll is organized. Very nice.

    1. I just love that photo of the huge pot going up the stairs. Your rooftop will be beautiful. Here we are on Vancouver Island doing some garden renovations too. We’re Mexico dreamers, having spent five weeks last winter in Maz and planning for four months this winter.
      Love your blog.

    1. The colours you chose for the walls are wonderfully bright and vibrant. I noticed that you have Trevor’s paintings of pangas on the wall, too.

      The roof-terrace certainly has a lot of pots on it!! Can’t wait to see them filled with plants. Why don’t the workers rig up a pulley system from the street to haul up the dirt, rather than carrying them up and down the steps. Would be cleaner for your house, too. Or, is that what they’re going to do anyway??

    1. I cannot wait to see how it all comes together. I love the pics. It looks like a wonderful spot to hang out.

    1. Have you thought of some kind of rope-and-pulley gizmo so you could hoist stuff up from the street?

      I’m going to have to go with pots, too, if I’m ever to have anything growing at my house. I’m surrounded with concrete! Yours are very handsome, I look forward to seeing them planted.

    1. Beautiful colors in your house! and It also look so nice the parts of walls left with the brick uncover.

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