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May 6, 2009

In early April, we had visitors here for a couple of weeks…and as soon as they left we headed to Mérida for the blogger get together and I never shared any of the photos from their visits.  So, in part in order to avoid all talk of the country-wide shut down, here goes!

Son Adam and his family came first.  One not so funny thing…when we left the house to go get them at the airport, Guadalupe was finishing up cleaning.  As usual when we have to leave before she is done, she closes the wood door behind her and leaves the iron door unlocked.  There is like a three foot space in between.  Well, she closed the wood door (and it locks automatically) and as soon as she did that she realized that she had not unlocked the iron door first.  So she stood there for an hour until we got back from the airport.  I can’t tell you how many times I have worried about doing that myself…I felt so awful for her, thankfully it wasn’t blazing hot with the afternoon sun beating in.  And thankfully we decided NOT to go straight to Puerto Viejo for beer and food!

Adam and Martha always like to go to Puerto Viejo first thing.  Helps them get in the mood for being at the beach.  And of course beer and ceviche and all the rest.  Below is Paul with little Consuelo.


The picture below is of Adam with a sleeping baby.  Notice the shoes?  Gold?  Ooooh, I think Adam had better brace himself, I think she is going to love shoes!

After a day or two, my sister arrived.  It had been almost a year since we’d seen each other, and she had never visited Mazatlán.  It was Semana Santa, so it was hard to show her around too much, but we headed to the beach for some Pescado Zarandeado pretty much first thing.

And here’s the fish:


We also went to Stone Island one day.  Consuelo had her own little beach tent, she is napping in it with her mother, below:

The picture below shows Consuelo fast asleep in my sister’s arms.  You can tell how sound asleep she is by looking at her limp arm!  And she really was awake plenty…for some reason I can’t resist taking a picture of a sleeping baby!

Of course we played some dominoes.  Here we are early in the evening.  How very civilized!

Uh Oh.  Here we are, later on.  Adam and Martha had brought some very fine mescal with them.  You can’t tell from this picture but I was winning, big time!

After Adam and Martha left, we took my sister up to the Freeman for drinks at sunset.  I love this picture!

We ditched Paul for a couple of days and headed to a ritzy hotel in Nuevo Mazatlán.  We swam, and read, and ate, and chatted, and had a very relaxing time.  Here’s the view from our room:

Then, going full circle, we took my sister to Puerto Viejo before she had to head back to Washington.   I loved that Adam and family and my sister overlapped, it has been a long time since we have hung out together.  And it was great for my sister to get to know little Consuelo, too.  They are all fabulous houseguests and I hope they come back soon!


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    1. What a wonderful family time!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures….especially of little Conzuelo.

    1. I’m glad you caught us up on the family gathering. I was afraid we would not get to see the photographs with everything else going on. I agree with you that the photograph of your sister is great.

    1. You have a beautiful family. Everyone looked so happy and content.

    1. No wonder we haven’t heard much out of you – busy girl.

      Great family photos by the way.

    1. Hey everyone, thank you! Yest, it had been a busy time, but now we’re back to normal. We have our fingers crossed that daughter Jessica is going to visit from New York in June, that would be wonderful!

    1. Nice update, nice family! When are we going to get that guest post about little C, who is growing up fast by the way!

    1. It’s a beautiful family photo. You must be happy to have it!

    1. What great pics. And a new baby… Congrats!!! Grandma is the best job in the world it seems. I always tell people that parenting seems to be a means to am end… you have to be a parent before you get to be a grandparent. But being a parent rocks too. Sorry to hear about your cleaning lady getting stuck in the middle. That is sooooo something I would do far too often I am sure.

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