Whew! It was a blast!

February 25, 2009

Last night Paul and I headed out for our last Carnaval event, the final Mazatlan Carnaval 2009 parade. The parade got going quite a ways North of Centro at about 4:30, and it finally hit Centro around 7 pm. This is the final blow-out for everyone and there was enthusiasm to burn!

The crowd kept building and building, along with the expectation and excitement. I don’t just have to tell you, I can show you what an awesome parade it was with the video I took, below.

I had taken a lot of pictures at the first parade, so I decided to practice with the new camera and its video setting. Below is a 5 minute video that I made using the iMovie program on my new Mac. Five minutes sounds like a long time, but basically I boiled an hour and a half of parade down to five minutes! That takes some doing!

I hope you take the time to check it out! And now, a nap is in order.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Very nice, Nancy. You really captured it.
      Love the couple dancing to the El Recodo float.
      But – no dancing horses?

    1. Thanks! Yes, there were a few things I wish I could have included. The Egyptian jackals and the dancing horses for sure, but by the time the horses got there it was full on dark. But the ground level action without lights was impossible to video. The floats worked because they are lit.

    1. Wow! Great video. The floats seem to be driven rather quickly for a parade, though. Or is that just an illusion?

    1. Steve, thanks. Now that you mention it, I think they were moving kind of fast, probably partially because they took so long getting there and from where I was filming there was only about a block or two remaining in the parade. They are ready to be done with it and get partying!

    1. Nice video.

      So who funds this type of event and all the floats?

    1. American Mommy, Thanks. And I should have mentioned the sponsorship, or should I say DOMINATION of Pacifico Beer in this town. Actually, maybe I should do a whole post on the topic.

      But to answer your question, the city of Mazatlan and Pacifico Beer are I believe the main sponsors.

      Mazatlan is said to have the third biggest Carnaval in the world, behind Rio and New Orleans.

    1. nancy,
      i am always so impressed with your photos! I really don’t find alot of time to read many blogs, but when i do, i always enjoy yours! i am still pushing for a trip to mazatlan…perhaps in the summer months.

    1. Nancy,
      Thanks for all of the Carnaval coverage. I have only been on Isla Mujeres during Caranavl and there is absolutely no comparison between the two Caranvals. Mazatlan does a great job!

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