Never a dull moment

January 8, 2009

This morning while walking the dogs we stopped to watch the surfers at Olas Altas.  One surfer was way far too the left near the rocks.  I wondered what he was thinking and even asked Paul if he thought the surfer could catch a wave from there.  It seemed a strange place to be.  We headed back North and within a half block noticed a lifeguard on the beach removing his shoes.  He strapped a bullet-shaped foam life preserver on and took off swimming.  A few minutes later an ambulance, police car, and another lifeguard arrived.  This lifeguard took off swimming, too.

A surfer headed over that way and helped the guy until the lifeguards arrived.  Then the two of them towed the fairly large, balding man in to shore.  When they got close enough in to wade, the man walked out of the water on his own.  The large crowd that had gathered clapped congratulations for both lifeguards as they passed by.  The man spoke to the medics and then was able to leave on his own.  Of course the local news was there filming the excitement.

While watching we heard stories of several other people who were caught in a strange current over there.  So all I will say is be careful.  Don’t use a boogie board unless you are in good shape and watch the tide so you aren’t caught when it is going out.  This story could easily have had a different (and terrible) ending!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Mexico’s Pacific Coast can be a dangerous place – there are an awful lot of stretches with dodgy currents. I guess that’s one reason why the resorts are so popular – they are built next to the safer parts of the coast.

      A couple of years ago I went swimming in the sea near Playa Ventura, a couple of hours south of Acapulco, and discovered that I had been caught by a current when I’d decided to go back to shore. I had been leisurely swimming for a couple of minutes but realised I hadn’t moved. Then I noticed it…a huge submerged rock, with the top showing when a wave had passed. Those things are lethal!

      No probs. I just swam a bit harder, to the side as opposed to swimming directly into the current, and broke free of it’s pull. But it occurred to me that if I had found that difficult, the two teenage girls who’d been a few metres away might find it impossible. I turned and asked. They chose that moment to start screaming. I managed to drag them back to shore one at a time. Boy it felt bad to leave one of them there alone screaming for a few minutes, but what can you do?

      And it’s bloody knackering too. I ended up unable to swim round the rocks that were closer to shore with the second girl, just due to tiredness, and got dragged over them. Not nice. But we all made it back safe and sound.

      The sea is never to be underestimated. Nor is my desire to tell the story of the day I was a hero! 🙂

    1. Gary! That is an incredible story. I can believe you were exhausted. I mean the adrenaline, exercise, battling the waves and carrying another person. I can’t believe there was no one in the water that could help you with the girls! I bet you’ll get thank you cards from them for the rest of your life!

      My son Adam rescued someone from the water at Manzanillo. It was a horrible experience, though, because it turned out that he had died. The man was a tourist, fairly young, and it was a very difficult and emotional time for everyone on the beach that day.

      Thank you for putting yourself out there and rescuing those girls, Gary. You are a hero!

    1. It was a quiet beach, and we were quite far out, so no one noticed them till I dragged the first girl back. Even then, only one guy saw us. He looked a bit horrified, but he also looked pretty large and unfit….no help from him! Thank you cards? To be honest when I’d got them both on the beach, I just asked them if they were ok and then strolled off quickly before my wife noticed me chatting to them! She’d never believe the hero story I’m afraid….far too suspicious!

      But at least they were ok, and the story didn’t end as it did with your son. Sorry to hear that.

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