I’m having a Happy New Year!

January 7, 2009

Happy New Year, everyone!  I am sorry about my break from blogging for the last week, but I went to Mexico City to visit my new granddaughter…and blogging took a back seat!

I flew in to Toluca again, and the savings and the slower pace at the airport make it pretty relaxed travel.  When you get to Toluca, Volaris has a shuttle (actually a big bus) that takes you to their station in San Jose.  From there Adam arranged for a driver to pick me up.  That sounds all fancy-pants, but in Mexico City many business people use a limo service to get them to appointments on time and it sometimes is useful for personal use, too.  The cars are normal Nissans and Fords, and the drivers know how to get you where you need to go, and on time!

Adam has said that for business people in Mexico City – because the traffic is so bad – there is always a 30 minute grace period on meetings. But parking is equally challenging, and I bet the cost of the service for him would offset the tickets, gas, towing, and wear and tear on his car.  Plus, he does a lot of work (on the phone) while sitting in traffic.

So, while we were riding along on my way to their place…the police closed the freeway and shunted all traffic over to a side street.  A bunch of fire trucks screamed by.  We sat, trying to see what was happening on the adjacent freeway.  Finally, backing up very slowly came a semi tractor-trailer.  It had hit the overpass (3.6 meters)  and was all scrunched up on the top!  I took a picture (below) and even thought it is hard to see the damage to the truck, I liked the sunset-on-the-freeway-in-Mexico-City look about it.


Every time I go to Mexico City I have fun, and it is always something different.  Usually we eat out every meal, usually even planning our next meal while eating!  We zip around town and stay up late and often have too much to drink!  This time we mostly stayed home enjoying little Consuelo.  It was wonderful.  (Of course that didn’t stop us from ordering in Lebanese food one day and Tacos the next…)

We did take Consuelo out in the stroller to their favorite place for juice or a smoothie on the weekend.  Strolling along with the baby and their two dogs was a wonderful moment for all of us.  I love the picture below of employees slicing the huge loaves of bread!


Adam and I ran out to Pasteleria Suiza for Rosca de Reyes bread.  I love this bakery – it is very old fashioned as you can see from the box, which they tie up with a complicated string pattern.


The Rosca itself differs regionally.  We had bought one in Mazatlán and it was much more plain.  Even the ones in the supermarkets in DF are quite complex and fruity.  I really love Rosca, it’s the right amount of dried fruit to bread.  As you can see we dug right in.


The tradition is that the person who gets the toy baby in their piece of Rosca will host a party with homemade tamales and atole on February 2.  And guess who got the baby?  ME!


Consuelo is a wonderful baby.  She is a good eater and is happy all the time unless she is hungry.  Both Adam and Martha are sleep deprived, but are loving being parents and are constantly saying things like “Can you believe this?”  She really is quite a miracle.  I just got a text message that both mom and baby had good checkups yesterday, a little over a week after she was born.  That’s great news.


So, as you can see, it is a wonderful new year for me already.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Look at you, Grandmother! Very beautiful, both you and baby!

    1. Nancy — I did not get a chance to congratulate all of you on Consuelo’s birth. She is a beautiful baby. And thanks for the update on life in the big city. Mexico City may have all of the big city charms, but I think I will stick with Melaque for a bit.

    1. Que preciosa! Oh, I am going to make tamales, the crockpot lady made them in her crockpot! that sounded like the perfect way to do it. I am going to buy masa at the tortilla factory around the corner, but I haven’t decided on the filling. So many choices.
      I love rosca too. We have been avoiding buying one.

    1. What a great photo of grandma and baby. She is so lovely. What fun you will have in the upcoming year with a new baby in the family.

    1. She’s so adorable!! (Insert squeal here) Congratulations again Grandma!

    1. ¡Preciosa! I loved the picture of you holding her, that one is a keeper.

    1. She just gets lovelier, that’s a classic shot of her sleeping in the bassinet. Hope soon somebody gets a shot of her with her eyes open. I bet they’re beautiful too. The little heartbreaker.

      That’s exciting, to live in Mazatlan and get to visit Mexico DF. The best of both worlds.

      I was so curious to try rosca, but didn’t want to buy a whole one, just for me. I’d probably eat it all! So are you having a fiesta in February?

    1. Beautiful baby. I know you are so thrilled. There isn’t anything like snuggling into the velvety soft cheeks of a new born. Glad that Mom and Dad are doing okay.

    1. That is a really GORGEOUS little girl!!!

      I’m so glad you take the time to share your experiences in your blog. Don’t have much to say myself, but I’ve enjoyed your writings and learned so much from you .


    1. Wow, I just realized I hadn’t commented with thanks to all of you for your compliments on our lovely Consuelo. She is a wonderful little girl.

      And Mic, thank you for reading, I’m glad you enjoy the blog.

    1. Consuelo is a beautiful infant and is lucky to have you and Paul as grandparents!

      I tried to access your book list but it came up blank; I’ll try again. We’ll be in Mazatlan on Jan 31-April 29, will volunteer at the library but want to bring some more books with me so I thought I’d check out your list too. What is the 50 book challenge…like I need another internet connection!! Regards, Kate

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