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September 13, 2008

Paul and I headed out for Inmigracíon Thursday in the torrential rain to begin the renewal of our FM3’s.  Our first experience with Inmigracíon when we registered here in Mazatlán was efficient and friendly.  We had our fingers crossed things would go as well this time.

Paul made copies ahead of time of three months bank statements, our full passports and our full FM3’s.  After wading our way from the car to the entrance, we registered and waited just two minutes until we sat down with the clerk.  She gave us an application and an official letter of application for us to fill out, and an invoice for $1,172 mx that we needed to pay at the bank.

Slogging back to the car we headed home to fill out the forms and wait to see if the rain would let up.  No such luck.  So off we went to the bank and the copy store a couple doors away from Inmigracíon to get the applications and receipts copied.

Back to Inmigracíon, another two minute wait, and she told us to return on September 25 to pick up our renewed visas.  One of our neighbors was visited at home by Inmigracíon after she made her application – they are becoming more efficient in checking to make sure you actually live where you say you live.  So we’ll probably expect them to drop by sometime in the next two weeks.

Despite the rain, the whole experience was friendly, efficient and easy.  Makes you think about the probable contrast for a Mexican extending a visa in the US.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. great blog and post! I am Mexican, and I go to school in the US. I wish I could say the same thing about the visa renewal process. First, you can’t do it in the US, so I had to travel to Mexico and the process takes about two weeks, between the first appointment and the issuing of the visa. I can’t say they weren’t friendly or helpful, but the process is unnecessary in general (my wait was of a couple of hours, my interview, a couple of minutes. Glad to hear Inmigración in Mexico is doing better!

    1. Wow, it’s never that easy in Cancun. We’ve heard that this is the worst office to get things done, they are not efficient by any means, nor are they very polite. They are turning people down left, right and center and denying renewals. Seems you pay less too, my renewal was almost 2000 pesos! Because of all the problems I’ve always had (and many of my friends), I used a lawyer this year (an extra 3000 pesos but well worth it in my opinion) to avoid the whole mess. Last year it took me 20 visits to the office and over a month to get the renewal done.

      Felicidades, glad to hear it went smoothly for you!

    1. Funny how it is (supposedly) the same renewal procedure all over Mexico but no two people have the same experience, nor are they required to provide the same things. I just read CC’s comment about Cancun. We dropped off our papers last Tuesday to switch from an FM3 this year to an FM2. Although the office was crowded to capacity, it took less than 20 minutes to get all the papers stamped. We return on Sept 19 to see if they were approved and possible have a personal interview. Wish us luck!

    1. eng+, thanks for coming by! I am shocked that you had to come to Mexico to do your visa, and two weeks, wow. For people working up north I can imagine that would be a challenge. I hope you were able to enjoy a vacation during your school break while you did the visa work.

      CancunCanuck, It really is strange how the experience is so different at each location. We attributed Mazatlan’s attitude to being a town not totally dominated by tourism. But who knows? We haven’t had any run-ins with cranky/difficult transactions anywhere we’ve gone to do business here.

      Islagringo, I am very interested in your switch to the FM2, we were just talking about it. Please let us know how it goes, and of course, good luck!

    1. We’re going to switch to FM2 as well and soon, we need to renew this month. I went by Migración before we left Mérida but, as usual, I hit the times wrong and they were closed. I used an attorney last time because he was already working on our fideicomiso and it was a bargain, I want to give it a try on my own this time.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I’m glad to see you will be here for at least another year!!! ;c}

      I also want to thank you again for all your help in setting up my blog!!! I did change the name from what you saw. It just didn’t want to fit well enough. I also learn something about myself. I can’t get excited about the graphic art, photo shop world. I think it’s cuz I need the other senses involved. Need to get the paint, glue, & chalk on my fingers. Feel the material and physically do the stitching :c}

      Come on by for a visit. Each post looks a bit better so there could be hope yet!! :c}


    1. Hey Pattie!

      I had wondered if you had started over….I checked it out and it is so excellent! I am really impressed!

      Would you mind if I added you to my Mazatlan bloggers list?

      Take care!


    1. Wow, I sure moved to the wrong place. An intermediary is basically mandatory here, and the cost is 5,000 pesos all told, and you’re STILL not sure it will go smoothly. Mine is up in a couple of days, I’m biting my nails.

    1. I can’t believe what I hear from your area…pretty amazing difference. I have my fingers crossed for you that everything goes smoothly. Especially paying $5,000 pesos, sheesh, it better~!

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