One year in Maz

September 20, 2008

Today is our one year anniversary of living in Mazatlán.  Some times it seems  the year has gone really quickly, and at other times it seems as though we have always lived here.  We have no regrets.

We’ve learned a lot in the last year.

  • We’ve found that people who uproot themselves to make a life in a foreign country are different – adventurous and outgoing.
  • We’ve found that people here are very tolerant and accepting.  They are friendly and supportive of our efforts to speak Spanish.  They work hard.
  • We’ve found out that old houses require a lot of maintenance.  More than we’d expected!
  • We’ve found that we just don’t get tired of being by the ocean.
  • I don’t miss very many things….mainly just vegetarian sausage and burgers and good yarn.
  • We’ve found that we have acclimated to the weather – our sweet spot indoors is when it’s from 80 – 84 degrees.  And most of the year, that’s what it is!
  • We like living in Centro.  We walk a few blocks and can buy anything we need.  If we need to drive somewhere, now that we have a little car, there’s no problem.
  • We’ve found that we are fine for reading material.
  • We’ve found that the blog is a great way for people back in the US to know what we’re up to and for us to stay somewhat present in their lives.  VOIP phones, webcam video calls, and email keep us in touch.  I can send e-cards on birthdays.  The mail arrives fine here, too.

I could go on and on.  But the bottom line is that we’re happy here, and we are looking forward to year two.

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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy and Paul — I was thinking about the two of you last night as I browsed through the Mazatlan real estate listings. Thank you for this post. The details have helped me keep on my path of heading south. There seems to be a great advantage in picking a spot to live with good infrastructure — even old infrastructure.

    1. Nancy and Paul,

      Congrats on your 1 yr anniversary. Am a regular reader of your blog and appreciate the info you impart. My own plans are to retire in Mazatlan, in 3 yrs, so your blog has been an invaluable resource. Thanks.


    1. Steve – Mazatlan real estate listings? Do tell!

      Daniel – Thanks for your kind words. Please give a holler if you ever get down for a visit and we’ll buy you a coca or cerveza.

      Theresa – I think you’re right…and thanks for updating the link. Hardly anyone has and I worry blogger might get hip to the redirect and not like it.

      Time for a glass of wine on the patio and a toast to an excellent year.

    1. It’s been a fun trip, following your adventures to get to the place you are now in life. Many happy years more to you both!

    1. Happy Anniversary! I’ve been reading since your search for “the” place was underway and have enjoyed the journey. Wishing you a great second year.

    1. Congratulations on your first anniversary!!!

      It’s been such a great journey for us out here reading your blog – I can only imagine it’s been all that much sweeter for the two of you.

      Cheers and here’s to many more years!

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