Friends come in all shapes and sizes

January 19, 2008


I have been thinking a lot about friends lately…and also about those people who contribute in an important way in the formation of our own personalities.
When we moved to Mexico last year, we left behind many people who were important to us in various ways. Some knew how much they were valued, and unfortunately there are some who probably don’t.
But being away from them has made me think a lot about friendship and how people and even the little things they say and do help shape you along the way. And I’m not just talking about people you knew as a child or important people in your day to day lives. I’m talking about the random conversation on a bus or other chance encounters like that.
People are important, and it’s important to tell them that if you get the chance.
I’m making a resolution to make sure that everyone who is important to me is aware of how important they are. At least as much as is possible for me to express.
This has come to the surface for me because of the unexpected death of a blogger “friend.” I put “friend” in quotation marks because she might have been surprised to hear me describe her as such. I had never met her, or spoken to her, or had a direct email with her. We’d commented on each others blogs a few times is all. But I respected her, and enjoyed reading her blog, and in many ways truly would like to be more like her. I should have told her that. Andee, I will miss you. 
But I do want to tell the rest of our blogger friends how important they are to us. You gave us the courage to follow our dream to move to Mexico, you encouraged us with your comments, and your postings were nourishment as we prepared to move. I can’t tell you how important it has been for us to know there were people there who would chime in with advice when we needed it. Thank you all.

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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy —

      Let me add to your chain. I want to thank you and Paul for being the models you have been. I will never be as organized as you are, but you have helped me in wrapping some of my dreams in realistic paper. There are several things I would never have thought of at this stage without your guidance.

      And the dogs. I thought Jiggs would never be able to go to Mexico. If he survives his recent leg problems, you have encouraged me that he will be loved in his new home. (If I can find a place that will rent to a single guy with a dog the size of a Holstein.)

      I look forward to your continued hints.

      Thanks for the help and for being a mentor.

    1. Nancy – Seeing as how we also hail from the great State of Washington, we have been extra interested in your move to Mexico! From rain to sun…

      And like Steve, we also have found your info about traveling/moving with your dogs helpful. Our Sitka seems to sense the move and we just keep assuring her that we’re not leaving her behind.

      Keep writing and we’ll keep learning! Thanks much.

    1. I live in Tennessee now but in March, me and my 4 small kids will be moving to a small town 3 hours away from Guadalajara. A small town just outside of Atotonilco. Very scary indeed!!
      Hubby will be working here and I will be living near his family on a small farm.
      You (and your husband) are an inspiration to my family! We check-up on you daily. Thank you for this wonderful blog.

    1. Nancy – Although I moved to Mexico earlier than you did, you’ve already had some experiences I’ve yet to have. And you’re making this big change in your lives with such spirit and humor. I know your serious approach to learning Spanish is going to take you far this year.

    1. You and Paul were some of the first people we spoke with about our move–I’ll never forget our trek to your house on the Key Peninsula–you welcomed us and our girls like family.

      You were both so enthusiastic and encouraging, and that visit made our dream seem real. Thanks!

      I also posted about Andee on my blog, a wonderful person really shone out from her blog.

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