People work hard here….

January 18, 2008

…and by Sunday I’m tired, too.

As regular readers know, we’ve been having a lot of work done to our house:

  • The courtyard remodel
  • Interior painting
  • Electrical work upstairs
  • Exterior painting
  • Roof coating
  • Salitre repairs
  • Kitchen cabinets made/installed
  • Appliances repaired/installed
  • Chandeliers hung
  • Tile work done
  • Mural design/painting
  • New glass/iron door made

Sheesh! Just making the list amazed me!

Mexicans work hard. In my experience with all these projects they work harder than most people I know. And they seem happy, too. It really makes a difference to me to have people working in my house who are happy and seem to like each other. Most of them also are open to attempting to communicate with us, which I know is a pain in the neck for them.

Our doorbell starts ringing at 7:30 am. People have been coming when they say they will. They for the most part bring all the tools they need. (except for one guy, but that just turned hilarious) They work long hours. And after work they have long bus rides or bicycle rides.

The quality of work and attention to detail has been excellent. They always ask for a broom to clean up after themselves or they bring their own. And they all work on Saturday morning, too.

I will admit that we didn’t find all these great people on our own – we hooked up early with a wonderful design team who already had relationships with these talented people.

I’ll be glad when it’s over just because of the difficulty we have at times doing things like walking the dogs together or going out to eat for lunch. The dogs have to be stashed here or there as people need access to different parts of the house so that can be a pain, too.

Our house is turning from a somewhat neglected beauty into a gorgeous dame – and we know that it is due to these hardworking, talented people.

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