We’re migrating

September 14, 2007

We enjoy a tv show called the “Dog Whisperer.” The star, Cesar Millan, says that it is important to mark the migration of the pack. He says to take long walks every day and to let the dogs sniff and smell and mark along the way. That way when they get to their new home everybody is adjusted and together.

Well, we are sniffing and marking all right! The main adjustment for them seems to be that they have never been to a motel before and the sounds from upstairs and around our room make them a little bit anxious.

Our car is WAY overloaded. Last night we decided (similar to the covered wagons coming west more than a century ago) to ditch a couple of boxes this morning and to rearrange things so more of the weight is forward. We’ll move Tiko the bird to the back. He gets out tomorrow anyway to stay with my best friend in San Francisco.

So, a little delay this morning in Medford as we repack the car and look for a Goodwill box to dump things in. Then we’re off to San Francisco to visit with my best friend and sister until we head out again Tuesday morning.

We’ve been listening to the new Harry Potter book in the car and have been enjoying the scenery in Central Oregon. This morning: California.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. The covered wagon thing is toooo funny. We had a similiar problem but before we left on our trip. We got the car packed and then looked at it and realised that we would never make it over the mexican topes without losing the whole underside of the car. So some things came out and I had to make a trip to town to donate all of my paints (the heaviest disposable items in the car). Then we were ready, good thing we dumped them as we were still riding low; but made it over the topes with no damage.

    1. We lived in Ashland (10 miles south of Medford for 17 years – pretty country – that trek up the Siskiyous will put your load, packing and vehicle to the test. 😉

      We are hanging out in New Mexico for a few days before we head south – it looks like we will drive down to El Paso and then over to Brownsville and down-down-down

      John Calypso

    1. I love your Blog. Added it ours –

      We’re all about sharing stories of Americans living in Mexico. Coincidentally, we’re leaving from San Diego to drive to Puerto Vallarta today, too. What are the odds? We’re watching your move with great interest. Thanks for the blog.

    1. We have packed the Explorer to full that we can’t see out the rear view mirror. My fear is being in a wreck and all that stuff flying about the car. We’d be killed regardless of the seatbelts. So drive safely.

    1. Happy Independence Day from your new home town! We arrived in Mazatlán this afternoon. We went to Pancho’s for dinner and then down to the centro to watch the Grito and people watch. It was fantastic, just think, you will be here for it next year!

      ¡Viva México!

    1. Having no idea how long this journey from the Pacific Northwest to beaches of Mexico will take, I keep checking to see if you have arrived in paradise. Hope that you are having good weather and a great time.

    1. You will be so happy you lightened the load! We took off 3 weeks ago and have been throwing away things along the way – love those topes!

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