Odds and Ends

June 26, 2007

When you are reducing your worldly possessions from a big house to what will fit in the minivan, a lot of odds and ends come up that you wouldn’t face in a normal move….

  • I have been packing books. Should I keep a dictionary? Or will the computer be enough?
  • What should I do with my grandmother’s binder of typed poetry? It is awful but it is hers!
  • What should I do with my favorite heavy turtleneck sweater that I knitted for myself? How about the socks I knitted, also?
  • How do I feel about imposing on people for help with things like our car license, which must have a street address associated with it?
  • I am going to need to sell or give away the middle seats to the van. Isn’t that strange?

We have been letting all of our subscriptions lapse, and have changed all of our banking to “online statements only.” It is very strange to go to the post office and have one little old piece of mail. We are going to use Earth Class Mail for most everything except the car license.

Every time I take a roll of paper towels or something like that out of the cupboard I realize that I won’t be buying them again in a large quantity….we just won’t be here long enough!

I am going through the cupboards and getting rid of all the food items that are old or that we won’t eat in the next two months. I had better make some lentil soup this week, and sometime soon, lasagna.

The van always has at least a couple of boxes for Goodwill in back. Last time I went I attempted to give two boxes of hangars – mostly the clear ones that came from the department store when we bought something. And guess what? Goodwill won’t accept them. They’ll only take the all white plastic ones. So, I guess a huge garbage bag of hangars is going to the dump.

They are finally about to make an offer to someone to take over Paul’s job at work. About time! He likes the guy and we are hopeful that they will actually have some time to transition. Paul has been taking Friday off each week, and is counting the work days until August 3. (21!)

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Well, from someone who got rid of 20 years of stuff to go fulltime RVing several years ago, here are my suggestions.

      – I’d dump the dictionary, they are all online.

      – Scan grandma’s poetry since it is typed not handwritten. If you have any kids or siblings you can dump it on, do it!

      – keep the turtleneck and the warm socks. You will be surprised how cold you can get when the temps are ones you think of as warm now. Also, you never know when a family emergency will have you on a plane flying into winter. Always keep a few warm things to wear.

      -Remote Control or Earth Class mail is one I’m considering moving to. When I checked, they have one address you can use that is a street address and it is in Oregon. Oregon won’t work for me, I need a NoCal one for my health insurance, but it might work for you and you wouldn’t have to impose on friends.

      – yeah, the van seat is odd but you may really make someone’s day.

    1. Certainly facing all your issues here in Colorado – Goodwill and the library bookstore have received a LOT of stuff.

      We are working on the largest items first like: tractor, ski boat, fishing boat, HUGE solar inverters and batteries, generators, pumps, compressor and welder etc.

      Moving is stressful – moving to Mexico still more so. But, as you have already noticed the time goes by fast and soon enough you will be in your new casa.

      Jonna always has good tips – I say simply unless you REALLY need it – lose it!

      John Calypso

    1. I agree with the other two. If ya don’t need it, trash it. My problem is that everytime I throw something out, I get something else to replace it. Good luck!

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