Grow your own Turmeric

July 4, 2016

I tried various times – unsuccessfully- to grow turmeric that I bought at the grocery store, and have finally figured out the secret. You should give it a try, you could even grow it in a pot if you want to – I have grown ginger that way as they are pretty shallow rooted. At the top is a picture of my turmeric bed.


I buy fresh turmeric at Mega, the mercado, and Ley. For some reason they call it azafrán which actually translates to saffron. Google said that turmeric is also referred to as camote de azafrán which makes sense as it is a tuber like a sweet potato (camote.) That’s the turmeric I buy, above.


Once you get home with your turmeric, leave them in the plastic bag from the store, just poking a few holes in it with your fingernail. Leave it out so you can look at it every week and wait until they start to sprout. It took mine about three weeks. This is the big discovery because if you plant them straight from the store you will be waiting forever for them to sprout, and they usually won’t! See the sprouts in the picture above? Plant them with the sprouts pointing up, of course.


Space each sprouted turmeric so that it has about a square foot or a little more of ground. The picture above is when I began to harvest just one plant! It’ll take about eight months to grown, so be patient, but soon you can have all the turmeric you want!

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    1. I too tried to grow my own ginger, I’ve not tried turmeric, but will for sure. I planted my ginger right from the store, and like your initial attempts there were no results. Now I know the secret and will give it another go. Thanks

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