New Year – New House – More Fun

January 16, 2020

We are settled in our new house and have been having a good time making it comfortable. We like the way the house works for us, lots of space but not too much, a good sized garden but again not too big. The dogs seem to love it too – we have a magnetic screen door on the back so they can come and go as they please. The picture at the top is our new orchid-ish plant tillandsia fasciculata. It is planted now in an old stump and I think will be happy in our garden.

So now that we’re settled I can finally get back into a lot of the things I love to do that I haven’t had the time or space for.

Finally, I finished a nice warm blanket – it was a mindless knit but is quite pretty and very warm. Perfect for snuggling under to read or watch a movie. I haven’t knit much but socks and hats for the last several years. I bought the yarn in Ajijic, it wasn’t too expensive and was nice to work with.

We haven’t really done much in our backyard but while Paul’s daughter Jess was here visiting we pitched into a project for growing veggies in tubs on the upstairs patio. The project is here. So far we have made three but I envision 10 or so tubs giving us lots of veggies! Peas, radishes, arugula, and tomatoes are up and I’m waiting on the zucchini.

One of the buy and sell pages here had a nearly new serger available and after looking up the details online I bought it. I’ve been working on making my sewing room more usable and this really helps! So far I have made covers for my machines and a Shirt No. 1 from 100 Acts of Sewing. I love these easy boxy styles (take a look at Susan Eastman’s work if you want to see why I like these boxy styles) Next up for me are Tunic No. 1 and the Wiksten Haori jacket. I bought all these patterns online and picked them up last summer in the US.

I love at year end how all the media outlets publish their best books of the previous year and most anticipated books of the coming year. I get lots of ideas of books to read – to me one of the biggest pleasures ever. I keep track of what I read in Goodreads, and their summary of my year in reading is here. (You can see all the books I read if you’re interested – 79 last year!) My top three books last year were A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, Circe by Madeline Miller and Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami. You’ll see I read quite a few memoirs of people who quit drinking as I quit a year and a half ago as well as a number of health books as usual.

We are enjoying our new place and having fun going to live theater performances, playing trivia, and looking forward to “winter” being over here in the next few weeks. Happy (almost) spring!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. The blanket is lovely – wish I needed some here! Love the red loveseat (couch)!! You seem to have settled in very nicely there. Happy for you both!

      1. Hi Kathi! Thank you! I always think of the companionable afternoons spent knitting at Casa Etnika with you and the other knitters and crocheters, good times. I would love to put together a similar group here. Take care! xoxo

    1. Thank you for the sewing pattern info, which inspired a letter to a good friend who loves to sew, and I knew she would love that site. And I always love a good list of books because I dream of someday being an avid reader; sadly it’s not at this time of my life. So happy for your good life in San Antonio, and so happy we get to see you from time to time. Plan a Friday to come for a tour of Tepehua…would love to show you around!

      1. Hi Mary! One of our pleasures here is getting together with you and Tom, we need to hear all about your holiday in Mérida! I would love a tour of Tepehua, soon! xoxo

    1. Your home is lovely. How wonderful how it all is coming together. The colors and the pattern of your basket are perfect. It does make you want to snuggle under it and relax. I will be sure to check out your list of books.

      Keep enjoying the good life.

      1. Hi Contessa! Thanks so much for commenting. Hope your knee is improving and you can get out for a walk soon. Nancy

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