Getting Settled in Our New Home

December 14, 2019

We are so happy to be settled in our new home! This was our third move in two years, hopefully it is our last for a very long time.

Our new home is in the little town of San Antonio Tlayacapan. San Antonio (or SAT as it’s sometimes written) is on the shore of Lake Chapala in between the towns of Ajijic and Chapala. We love San Antonio for a lot of reasons – but mostly because of its friendly, small town feel. Our rental house was also in San Antonio but because it was so secluded on the lake we didn’t really feel that we were a part of the town. Now we do.

Revolution Day Parade

We had decided we needed more connection and our new location gives us that, especially as it is on the parade route and just two blocks to the plaza. Above is a picture from the parade on Dia de la Revolución and below is one from Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe. There was also a mini-parade last night of decorated police cars, ambulance, and a fire truck all blaring their sirens and throwing candy to the kids.

Parade honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe

People might comment that our area is noisy, and it sure is – a lot noisier than our lakeside rental, for sure. But that’s what we wanted and we have no regrets. Our years in Mazatlán trained us to sleep through most anything! There is an eventos place near us that can get pretty loud but they always stop before 11 pm. I even laughed last night that I can now tell which parties are good and which are lame just by a quick listen!

Parade honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe

The house itself really suits us – it has two bedrooms and three living room areas as well as several covered and uncovered patios. A garage, too! We really are lucky. One covered patio is entirely screened and we have two hammocks hung there for siestas as well as night time sleeping when it’s hot. It’s not a fancy house and we are really content with our life here.

Covered screened patio with hammocks and Coco

Our garden is a good size for us but the plants (and dirt, I’m sure) are worn out and tired. We want to turn it in to a tropical garden with lots of different gingers, etc. After the first of the year we’ll start working with someone to make that happen. I plan on growing veggies using some big black tubs that I had on one of the uncovered patios that gets a lot of sun. We have great access to nice produce here so I will pick and choose the things to grow that are hard to find favorites. I have really missed having a vegetable garden.

Before backyard picture.

Our furniture is a mix of new and used – we bought a used modern sectional that suits us perfectly and a used set of three steel coffee tables that are exactly right! A few pieces stayed with the house from the previous owner and along with new kitchen counters and a new dining room light fixture we are comfortable and happy.

The commitment of buying a house is a big one to us, with it we have said that we’re here to stay. Yay!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Congratulations! We have other friends who live in Ajijic; George Knight teaches yoga. They are avid gardeners, and have an amazing garden.

      1. Thanks, Debi! I don’t know George but I will keep an eye out! There’s a garden club that I am thinking of joining, maybe he is a member. Hi to Tom and I love your pottery 🙂

    1. Your description sounds perfect. I like that you are inured to noise, somewhat, courtesy of Mazatlán. I also like that you have a not fancy house. Good plan to garden what you can’t get. I have that problem with gardening back home. When the garden is ready, produce is plentiful.

      1. Hi Michael, We have really nailed it this time I think. Hope to see you sometime this winter. oxoxoxo

      1. Hi Nadine, Next time you’re in town we won’t be in the middle of a move and can have you over! Have a great winter. xoxo

    1. Congratulations! It’s always so nice to get settled in to your own nest. It sounds lovely……and I love the garden area. Outdoor space is hugely important to me. We’re still here in MZT….the El Cid comm.and love it. Wish we could be fulltimers, but have to settle for six months per year. I’ve enjoyed your blogs for several years and have appreciated your insights on life in Mexico.

      1. Linda, Thanks so much for commenting and enjoy your winter in Mazatlan. It is lovely in the winter! I have got my blogging mojo back and will be posting more regularly. Saludos!

    1. So happy for you. Sounds perfect! I have enjoyed your blog for years and hope we’ll continue to hear from you now and then

      Feliz navidad

    1. So happy for you two! Your place sounds great and it’s so good that you are right in the midst of everything. Lovely garden, looking forward to seeing the veggie garden. All the best to you both. We are looking at a white Christmas with my sister and will be thinking of you relaxing in your hammocks!

    1. A lovely report, thanks so much for it. All wonderful to see. Have a great Christmas both of you.

    1. Love the happy yellow of the room where you have the hammocks – perfect place for a nap if you know how to get in them without going out the other side – I am guessing you must! Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

    1. Your new home looks wonderful. I like the before garden photo. Can’t imagine the after. Wishing you the most special first Christmas in your new home.

    1. First holiday in the new digs and doesn’t it feel good! Looks really sweet, the little that you showed and I will always love Mexico’s love of color and pizazz. Best to you both forever and always. xoxox

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