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September 29, 2017

Paul and I have been living in Mazatlán for over ten years now. And as much as we truly love it here, will miss all our friends, and are excited to see all the beautification going on, it is time for us to go. 

We have made the decision to move to México City. The pull of the city (which you know we love!) and the pull of family are truly irresistible. Our granddaughter is eight years old now, and as we all know she will be off to college in the blink of an eye!

So – we are putting our house on the market soon and thought you might like a sneak peek! Please share the post with friends who may be thinking of moving to Mazatlán.

It will likely take some time to sell our house, so we will continue to blog about our life here until the move. We know we will be back every winter at least for a visit, and hopefully we’ll have visits from our Mazatlán friends in CDMX, too. I will keep on blogging about our new life in México City from right here at Countdown to Mexico and I hope you’ll continue to follow along.

Details on our house:
4 bedrooms
2 1/2 baths
1 car garage
Central courtyard with fountain
Back yard with grass and covered seating area
Upstairs patio
Laundry room
Solar hot water
5 mini-splits
Full house water purification
Large cistern
2 Electric meters

The house is very comfortable, even though it is large at around 4,000 square feet. It is truly tropical living with such wonderful airflow and ambiance. We have done a number of big projects at the house, the central courtyard, back yard, sala fresca doors and two posts on the most recent sala fresca roof/wall repairs have been documented in these pages (1) and (2).

The photos below are not complete but just to give you an idea.  We plan on having it listed at the beginning of November, but if you have questions now please feel free to get in touch with us using the comment form at the top of the page.

Oh, if you receive this message via email you may not see the gorgeous picture of our granddaughter at the top of the post, so here it is

Mazatlan House For Sale

Our lovely house in Mazatlán is for sale!



More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in Mazatlán, México but excited about moving soon to México City.

    1. Big news indeed! All the best as you embark on your next adventure.

      1. Thanks so much Deborah. Who knows how long it will take to sell the house but we are optimistic!

    1. Your house is beautiful and will sell fast. Mexico City will shake things up a bit!

      1. Nadine, thank you! I sure hope you’re right… it is hard to understand the market here in Mazatlan sometimes!

    1. Hola Nancy!
      Wow! You are moving to one of my favorite cities. I’m sure you’ll love it as you’ve already spent a lot of time there. Are you planning to buy right away? I’ve been wondering how the earthquake has affected the real estate market. I’d be eager to read about your home-shopping expeditions. I’ve made an art of window-shopping CDMX real estate and have come to rely heavily on,,, and some others. Are you going to look in the Roma/Condesa area?

      Wherever you land, I wish you both well. Hopefully this moves up the day we meet in person, though I’m wondering when I’m ever going to be able to get back to CDMX.


      Kim G
      Redding, CA
      Where we totally miss big-city life.

      1. Hi Kim, I was thinking about you when I wrote this post, I remember that great place you found! We are planning on renting for the time being anyway… in Roma Norte in a building that is being renovated. Great location… more will come about that as things unfold but I don’t want to tempt fate by saying too much too early. We’ll have a guest room we hope you’ll make use of once we are settled in!

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