A weekend in CDMX

February 16, 2017

We are so lucky to have family close by – an hour and a half by plane in México City.  On the spur of the moment we made arrangements to visit, arriving on Friday and leaving on Monday.  Why not?

Our granddaughter was so excited – she called multiple times, telling us how excited she was that we were coming.  We know we need to visit more often, it is such a treat to feel like grandparent rock stars.

Our low key weekend meant that our son and his wife got a chance to get away for an anniversary overnight in a hotel while Paul and I got to hang out with our granddaughter.  We had a great time, eating tacos delivered by Uber Eats, listening to her play the drums, and watching her ride her scooter. You can see her riding her scooter in the photo at the top, while wearing her Griffindor (Harry Potter) cape.  I love that photo!

Swarovski Crystal Geodesic Globe
Swarovski Crystal Geodesic Globe

We had a lazy Saturday morning hanging about chatting and later headed out for Japanese food and a stroll in the neighborhood.   Later we made a nice tray of cheese and fruit and then snuggled up to watch Saturday Night Live.  What did I say?  It was such a nice relaxed family time!


Why I didn't take many pictures... too many others in the way!
Why I didn’t take many pictures… too many others in the way!

Sunday we went a fabulous breakfast at Lalo,  and then to the huge art and design show Zona Maco. What an incredible show, several football fields of art and design.  We spent hours enjoying it all while sipping on a lovely glass of Chardonnay. Afterwards we watched the horses cool off after a horse race at the adjacent racing oval.


Some kind of knitted art
Some kind of knitted art

We piled back into their electric car and drove over to Parque Delta mall where we shopped a little and then relaxed in our recliners in the fancy theater – eating and sipping a beverage while watching La La Land. That was fun.


Embroidered art
Embroidered art

Monday morning we all headed our different directions but we will be back for another quick visit soon, I’m sure!

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    1. We are so excited about Mexico City and very excited to be able to visit it soon. So many people have told us how wonderful it is there. Your blog posts have only made us even more excited.

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