The Streets of Centro Saturday update

August 26, 2017

Paul and I came back from a week in Puebla and a second week in Mexico City to find not much to have changed with the road construction in Mazatlán.  If anything, things were worse!  Two streets that were complete have had to be ripped up as the piping was done incorrectly.  The huge rain on August 12 turned much of downtown into canals worthy of Venice.

I have to admit I am getting a little tired of taking pictures of the streets in Centro that seem to pretty much all look the same.  These photos were taken this morning – a full month after the previous bunch.  Let’s hope in another month we will see substantial changes.

My next post will be of Puebla, stay tuned!  Below are more photos from this morning, click on the first image to page through them…

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Wow! You and every other Mazalteco (sp?) must be beyond done with the construction. At least you & Paul got away for a bit; looking forward to your posts about Puebla.

    1. Gracias, Nancy, for taking/posting pix so summer runaways like us can keep up with the progress (or lack of) down in Centro. See you in mid-October!

    1. Nancy I love your posts. I lost by sweet spousa of 58 years a few months ago but have now decided to return to Mazatlan ( our 14th trip) I cannot wait to return. I met you one day at Sorianas a few years ago, recognized you by your beautiful head scarf and said hello.
      Please keep the notes and photos coming. I stay at Bungalows Mar-Sol and love everything I can read and see of Mazatlan..
      Thank you again.

    1. Starting to finally see the new image of El Centro! Thx so much for keeping us updated with all those pics you took, Nancy. Feeling more encouraged now and starting to look forward to coming back in October from spending summer in lovely SMA and surrounds.

    1. From the time we left beginning of July it seems like they have made progress. And I cannot see any signs of the terrible recent flooding. Glad we were not there then. We had metal barriers installed in front of all our patio doors and our front door before we left for the summer since we anticipated flooding. It always floods at our intersection of Mariano Escobedo and Carnaval.
      Looking forward to seeing pics of Puebla.

    1. Thank you for sharing your photos. All the street construction, so very much of it at one times makes me a little sad. Watching from afar I wonder when it will all be done? It probably has been a very hard summer for the businesses in that area.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to share what is happening. Hopefully it will be completed soon. It must be difficult for you all.

    1. Thanks for the update on street construction in Centro. It does look like there’s been some progress since your last set of photos in July. But it also looks like there’s a long way to go. Hope it’s finished soon!

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