Watch “The Truth About Cancer” Documentary

April 1, 2016

All my blog readers know that I am very interested in health and wellness and that I read a lot about the topic. I watched the 9 part documentary titled The Truth About Cancer earlier this year and I highly recommend it to any of you who want to know more about holistic healing practices and natural remedies too. Visit the website to sign up and you will be sent links to see the documentaries, with viewing available starting April 12. A lot of the information in this series points out the problems that follow when Big Pharma has control of our medical schools and institutions.

Some of the information is about hot topics like vaccinations but there is also lots of background information into why we get cancer and what we can do about it if we do. There are alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation – and even if you might choose conventional treatments there is a lot here to help you be healthier through it all.

I recommend that you keep a notepad nearby as I jotted down a lot of information throughout the series. I learned a lot, and I already considered myself pretty knowledgeable-

If you want to sign up to watch the documentaries, just click on the photo at the top. Let me know what you think!

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