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February 9, 2015

– Paul was in a play reading of Last of the Red Hot Lovers at El Recreo. There were three sold out shows that were very well received!

– The Carnaval monigotes are up along the malecon, and they are wonderful. A video is at the bottom of the page – in Spanish, but you don’t need Spanish to appreciate the monigotes.

– The Organic Market has expanded from one day a week to two, with a Wednesday afternoon market in the Zona Dorada.

– I attended a meeting today of a group of citizen activists who are hoping to make positive changes in the city, and I look forward to continuing to work with them.

– I took my bicycle in to get overhauled and pick it up this afternoon! I’ve missed my rides down the malecon.

– We’re expecting visitors – Daughter Jess in February, my sister and a good friend in March, and son Phil in April. Exciting!


– I attended a meeting a week ago where I became seriously disheartened about our city leadership. (not sure I want to talk about it…)

– It’s been too warm a winter for me to wear the tunic I knitted. (Well, I wore it once, but about melted from being too hot!)

– I haven’t felt like blogging. Is that a low? Because instead I have had so much fun doing lots of other things! Forgive me?


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