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January 29, 2014

Winter in Mazatlán is usually an incredibly social time… but this year I have not been inclined to go out so much. I guess it’s some sort of change in me – I am just so content to stay home and read, knit, sew, and cook. I do get out walking and biking, but the usual comment when I run into people is “I haven’t seen you around, how are you?” All my working life I had to shoehorn my favorite activities into such a limited time that I am grateful every day to be able to do what I want – every day.

So, aside from reading (you can always check out what I’m reading in the widgets on the left side of the page) and cooking (this week vegetable raviolis, portobello potstickers, and enchiladas) I have been doing a lot of knitting.I finally finished the endless sweater I had been working on since last winter and it has been useful on these cold mornings. That’s it, below. At the top of the post is a picture of the wrap made from the yarn and pattern that blog reader and friend Susan gave to me last summer.  It was a fun project and I love the way it drapes on my shoulders.


Susan also gave me another wrap pattern and I used some green yarn from my stash to make it. I love the drape on it, too… but I might make it again and add some more repeats to make it a bit bigger. It’s still warm here in the evenings when you go out to dinner but a little wrap like this (below) is perfect if there’s a draft or a cool breeze. The pattern links above are to my Ravelry project pages. If you’re a knitter you just MUST be on Ravelry for patterns, project ideas and so much more.



The last project I completed is a little capelet that I made for myself from some Australian alpaca yarn from my stash. It knit up very quickly and is going to be a favorite as well. I took these pictures with the self-timer on the camera, I know they need help and I’ll keep working on it!


Finally, I just started a new project with some silk mohair I bought in Mexico City without a project in mind. It’s a sleeveless top that I’ll probably wear over a camisole. Amazingly it is very fuzzy mohair but it doesn’t shed and isn’t itchy. I think I’ll wear it a lot. So know you know what I’ve been up to…. and I promise you’ll see me around town more in the future.


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. First off, you are looking great! All projects are fantastic. Especially like the capelet. It would have been nice to see a back picture too. I wish we were closer so we could just sit over coffee and chat and knit like two fools!

    1. Beautiful shawl, make a few more and list them, I am sure you can make some additional pesos, I would buy one.

      1. Isla, Thank you! I would sure love to sit and knit with you, wouldn’t that be great? Paul and I are determined to get over your way one day soon. So much of Mexico still to see!

        Tancho, thank you! I think the problem with listing things like this for sale is the lack of access to good yarn down here. Of course I am kicking myself that I didn’t go on a yarn spree last time we were in Mexico City… you can’t have too much yarn, you know!

    1. Wonderful knits, Nancy! My mother knits, and I’ve got a big, bulky, cable-knit sweater she made me some years ago that is one of my more treasured possessions.

      As for yarn, I guess you’ll just have to go back to DF and see your granddaughter again!


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where we once had a BF that knitted, but we’ve never been able to master it ourselves.

    1. Lovely projects! Hope to see you knitting in public sometime!

      1. Kim G, Thank you! I mostly knit for myself and my granddaughter, neither of my sons or Paul has a bulky sweater from me… maybe I need to remedy that???

        Kathi, Thanks! I hope you’re going to Carole M’s Thursday knitting group at Casa Etnika… I only went once before we started our laundry room and salitre project so I am stuck at home supervising. Two more weeks I think!

    1. I love the first one. I just finished the same pattern in a washable wool from knit picks. It was a fun project, however it hasn’t been cool enough this year. Maybe next winter!

    1. Dang! I was just going to query whether I could commission a capelet. I love that idea just to take the chill off one’s shoulders.

      I also really understand the nesting feeling. I miss many things that I THINK I will do, as home just seems to call more loudly. I think the first few years in a place, you do more, as you are sort of “feeling your way around”. Discovering who you want to spend time with, where you want to spend time, etc.

      Do promise to save me a lunch at Molika with a giggle and chat, though, okay ‘-)

      1. Cheryl, I’ve been wearing mine quite a bit, I think my blood has gotten a lot thinner over the years!

        Zoe, I am SO looking forward to you coming, and want to make sure you save a little time for us. 5 am is fine if that’s what it takes! xoxo

    1. No way would I miss having time with you guys; too special.

    1. Fabulous knitting Nancy! You look great! What is this I hear, Zoe is coming? Can I meet her also?

      1. Thanks, Contessa. Yes, Zoe will be here for about 10 days, I know she is getting pretty booked up hence the 5 am comment. I’m sure she’ll read this and be in touch thru your blog if she has some time to meet.

    1. It has been an amazing winter here. We are spending January and February in Mazatlan and loving it. Just came across your blog and enjoying reading through it.

    1. I enjoyed reading your blog, thank you for sharing it, I look forward to future entries.
      I took a quick peek at your reading list and it made me wonder if you have read any of Marlena De Blasi books, the first being 1000 days in Venice. I love how she incorporates regional foods and even recipes in her stories, and how so much of living revolves around the gathering and preparing of food.

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