A Quick Trip to the DF

January 2, 2014

Paul and I took a quick trip to México City to visit family just before Christmas. It was just a short trip of five days but it was absolutely fantastic. Thanks to competition in the airline business between Mazatlán and México City our flight was much less expensive than usual, too.  (We flew Volaris.) So in the late afternoon on Thursday our taxi pulled up in front of their place in Colonia Roma. We hadn’t seen them since Easter, when they visited us.


Our granddaughter Consuelo just turned five years old and is so smart and fun. We caught up while she colored in her new Mazatlán coloring book and we had a bit of mezcal, of course. (see picture above) We spent the afternoon and the next day playing at home and eating some great restaurant meals. ;At the top of this post is Consu posing with the 3-D jigsaw puzzle we completed of a tree with birds. We also watched her jump in her mini trampoline, decorated the tree, and visited with friends. Consuelo is very social and in the picture below we are at the French bakery near their house where she is a favorite and chatters away in French. As you can see she also wanted to show me how much she has enjoyed the little cape I made her.



On Saturday we piled in the car and headed to their weekend place in Tepotzlán. I know I’ve shared pictures of their place before but it is one of my favorite places, serene and beautiful. The cabin is made out of the local rock and my daughter in law has a fantastic green thumb and design sense so the grounds are gorgeous too. Below is a shot of our son and Paul on the patio and below that one of the vista from their place with Popocatépetl in the background.


We spent Saturday and Sunday in Tepotzlán – having a fire outside, swimming at a friend’s house, eating brunch at an old hacienda, and having pizza delivered, even. It was a wonderful time. Our flight home was Monday morning – but it was a wonderful trip and we are committed to having more quick trips since we really do live pretty close by. Below is a picture of our lovely family. The only downside was that they were just getting over the flu, thankfully everyone is all better now.


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy, you look so wonderfully happy! And I love it that Consuelo’s 3-D jigsaw puzzle matches what’s painted on her wall. She’s just beautiful–and so are you!

      We look forward to seeing you when you come this way again.


    1. Great times, great photos in a lovely place. My goodness Consuelo is growing up fast! It seems like she was just born a few months ago!

    1. I love staying in Colonia Roma Norte, but I’ve made only short day trips to Tepoztlán.

      Whatis the name of the French Bakery in Col. Roma? I know the Puerta Abierta Bakery, on Calle Colima has a French lead baker.

      ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

      Don Cuevas

    1. It looks like it was a terrific trip, Nancy. And love the pictures of your kids’ weekend retreat!! Great views!

    1. Oh my, how time flies. She is adorable. Love the weekend home. I’m so glad to see you looking fit as a fiddle.

    1. What a fabulous first photo on this post. Nancy you look radiant. Happy New Year to you both and to your extended families. I can’t beieve how many I have actually met.

    1. Wow, that weekend place in Tepozlan looks amazing! I’m going to google that area and learn more. I am not up to date on your son and family – how did they come to live in Mexico City and what does he do?

    1. Your family is beautiful. I still can’t get over Consuelo being trilingual, such a smart and happy girl. So glad you had such a good trip.

      1. Billie, Doesn’t it? It can be dangerous telling time with kids, they grow so fast. I’m feeling A+, too!

        Brenda, It was a great trip… way too short.

        Contessa, She’s a little dreamboat, for sure. Happy New Year to you, too.

        BC, Gracias!

        Susan, Tepotzlán is a gorgeous area with lots of “positive energy” kind of like Sedona. There is a pyramid up in the hills that lots of people climb to on the solstice, etc. Very sweet town but the traffic is incredible. Not far from Cuernavaca. Our son is director of sales for Latin America for a tech company, they have lived in Mexico City since I think 2004 or 2005.

        Judith, Thank you! Consu is a real tiger, super smart and fun and also sweet and can entertain herself easily. Her English is really coming along and her French and Spanish are perfect. Sure wish I could roll back the clock and learn as a kid!

    1. I want one of those 3D puzzles!!! I also love that Consuelo is bilingual and as you, wish that someone or something had pushed me in that direction as a young child. Schools should be far more proactive about languages in the early grades.

      That cabin, too, is magical and you look just about as good as one can get! xo

    1. Looks like a fantastic trip! And I have to admit, I’m a smidgen envious of your son. A lovely place in Condesa, and then a weekend getaway in Tepoztlán. What could be nicer?


      Kim G
      San Francisco, CA
      Where we are using our brother’s house as a getaway place. But back to Boston on Tuesday.

      1. Zoe, It was a very fun puzzle, I don’t know where they got it though. And Consu is becoming tri-lingual, her English comprehension is great but she is a bit tentative speaking. She attends French school.

        Kim, There is a lot to envy… except they both work really hard and he has to travel a lot. We feel very lucky to get to tag along on so many of the fun things they do.

    1. Ooops, meant to say tri-lingual. That is more than special in today’s world, which is growing smaller and smaller due to social media and new ways to communicate.

      1. Zoe, She IS one special girl for sure! 🙂

        Dianne, Connie??? That’s funny. When we use a nickname we all call her Consu. We usually visit a couple of times a year and they come here, too… but last year was a bit of a dry spell so we will rectify that for sure. Our son still travels a lot so it’s hard sometimes to make plans except at the last minute. Thankfully that works for us just fine.

    1. Can’t believe how big Connie has gotten! Both their places look beautiful; so happy for them! Glad to know you’ll visit more now that airfares are cheaper and easier.

      1. Cristina, Chely? Connie? I think I like Consu better for a nickname but I’ll keep an ear out for these.

        Susan, They like to keep their privacy online so I can’t divulge that here but next time I see you I’ll tell you. 🙂

    1. Chely and Chelo, and once in a while Cony (that would be Connie in Spanish). But yours is the first Consu I’ve heard. I think probably because the pronunciation doesn’t follow the pronunciation of Consuelo in Spanish, and also because most nicknames in Mexico are based on baby talk: an 18-month-old might not be able to say ‘Consuelo’ but could say ‘Chelo’. Think about Guillermo: a baby would be hard pressed to pronounce all that, but could say ‘Memo’.

      Just my two cents–she’s really beautiful and obviously smart, she chose you for a grandmother!

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