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December 2, 2012

It has been two weeks since my surgery and I am doing very well.  I’ve had lots of good news lately and I am really, truly, feeling very upbeat and positive.  This is mostly due to the pathology reports showing that the cancer hadn’t spread at all.  What a relief! I’ve been staged at 1A, which is about as good as it gets, really.

The oncologist here took out my stitches yesterday and gave me the all-clear to get in touch with the oncologist in Culiacan who will be managing my chemotherapy.  We’ll call him tomorrow and expect to go for our first appointment the following week.

People here have been so nice, filling in for us at El Recreo and Luna Gallery… and a group of friends brought us lunch for about 10 days, what a treat that was.  We feel so supported by our friends and neighbors.

The picture at the top of this post is from my last bike ride a couple of days before surgery.  Who wouldn’t heal wonderfully living in such a beautiful  place, I ask you?

What else has been going on around here?  Lots!  Winter season is in full swing and everyone is having a blast.

  • The Organic Market is back up and running – every Saturday from 8 am to Noon at Plazuela Zaragoza.
  • This weekend is the Marathon, all kinds of international and national runners are in town, 11,000 actually!
  • The Carnaval theme was announced – this year it is The Magic Lantern – and the candidates for Carnaval royalty were introduced as well.
  • The Angela Peralta Theater has been offering some wonderful cultural offerings – from an Elvis impersonator – to Pink Floyd – to ballet – to Lila Downs this coming Friday.  Paul and I have tickets to see her, and are SO looking forward to it.
  • Mazatlan Film & Theater at El Recreo is going great.  There are movies every week on Tuesday and Thursday evening, Wednesday afternoon documentaries on interesting topics, Thursday folk jam sessions, and some weekends there are special events.  Last night was a flamenco performance by Citlali Iglesias dance group – two sold out shows!  If you want to know what’s going on, check out the website or Facebook page.



In other goings on, when I was in the hospital my boys came (from Bellingham, WA and Mexico City) to see me and to support Paul.  We did have most of one day together at home, which was lovely.  See the candid shot above…

There’s been little progress on the situation on my street with the busses, but we are getting more and more attention.  There was an article in the paper about the situation and the picture showed some of the posters I made and took around to my neighbors for permission to hang that ask the busses to slow down and to be careful of the children. The article said parents at the two schools were becoming more active about how unsafe it is.  Then, a couple of days ago a neighbor came to my door with another petition collecting signatures, too.  Once I feel a bit stronger I’ll be back at it, too.

A couple of weeks ago Paul and I went to the Surf’s Up! Cafe at Cerritos for breakfast, the picture below is from my seat at the table. Pretty nice, I’d say!


Take care everyone, see you soon!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Hola Nancy,

      I’m thrilled to hear you are recovering nicely. Enjoy Lila Downs! (It’d be hard not to; she’s one of my faves.)


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where we view your recovery trajectory as one of the few “good news” items we’ve heard today.

    1. I’ve been out of the loop lately and am just catching up while here (finally) in Mazatlan. I’m glad to hear you are doing well. All the best to you and yours.

    1. So happy to hear you are well on way to health – thank you so much for all your
      good news. Maz sounds like a perfect place to really live… I look forward to hearing more of your doings and your complete recovery and again thank God for your wonderful Doctors. Marion from Roseville, Calif..

    1. Wonderful news! I am so happy that life is going back on track for you. It is so nice that the “boys” came to be with you and Paul too.


    1. I’m happy to read such a positive update. Really happy to see that photo of P and A looking relaxed and happy to be there. Looking forward to seeing you in the future (still not sure when!)

    1. Nancy, I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better! Keep that positive attitude and keep us informed as to your progress.

    1. So glad to hear that you are doing so well Nancy. It sounds like your community has really rallied to help you out too. So wonderful. When I had my accident a couple of years ago in Patzcuaro the whole town arranged a dinner schedule so that we had a different person bringing dinner every day for a month. It was absolutely amazing and I’m sure all that love helps the healing process.

    1. Oh Nancy! I just logged into my blog reader to seeyour last poat, I am SO sorry for not commenting before. As akward as it sounds to say, I am so gladfor your news about the stage/how advanced your cancer is. You should have a good recovery and beat this thing quick!

      I will be sending lots of strong and cancer kicking thoughts your way from here in DF. Please drop by and let me know what I can do (or email) , especially if any of your treatment brings your to mexico city. Mi casa es su casa, please dont hesitate to ask ANY favor.

    1. So sorry to hear about your situation, however, VERY happy that it has not spread. I wish you nothing but a successful recovery. Sending many prayers, and warm thoughts your way.

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