Shopping for things I can’t find in Mazatlán

August 19, 2012

When I travel – whether it’s to the US or within México – I always think about shopping for items I can’t find here in Mazatlán. This post is a rundown of some of the things I brought back with me this time.

When I fly North I always pack a fold-up duffle bag which then becomes my overflow and can be carried on. No need to pay another $25 for a second bag! This time I was lucky, too – when I got to the gate at my first flight home they said overhead space was limited and asked for people who would check their carry-on. (For free!) I was happy that I didn’t have to lug it around.


Magic Erasers – I bought a bunch of these as I use them for everything around the house. I found them here once a couple of years ago but never since. I bought several packages and stuffed them in every little corner of my bags.


Teva Sandals – I walk a lot and hate to wear tennis shoes so walking sandals are important. I usually go through one pair a year at least. This time I lucked into a nice sale at REI and brought back two pairs! There are walking sandals available here a few places but not generally in my size.


B-12 – Since I’ve been a vegetarian for around 25 years or so I decided it would be a good idea to buy sublingual B-12. You can get B-12 shots here, but not the sublingual tablets.


Quick Drying/Moisture Wicking Shirts – Every year I get Paul a few new shirts from REI. They are expensive but since I’m there at the end of the season I often find them on sale. They last a long time and are pleasant to wear in our climate.


Sony Camera – This year my biggest treat was my new camera. I ordered this online so it was waiting for me, and I am totally thrilled with it. The camera is brand new and not available down here.


Nutritional Yeast – Since I make a fruit smoothie for breakfast every morning I like to give it a bit more nutrition by adding a spoonful of nutritional yeast. I’ve never found it here.


Organic Cotton Sheets – No trip NOB would be complete without a trip to Target. I have been extremely disappointed with (expensive) sheets that I’ve bought here in Maz so I didn’t hesitate to bring these back. We love them, too!

dog1 dog2

Dog Toys – Henry is indifferent to toys but Coco loves them – but she also destroys the toys I have bought her down here… the plastic just isn’t tough enough for her sharp teeth I guess. Kong toys are the best for her.


New Phone for Paul – Paul ordered himself an unlocked Android smart phone. He took the chip out of his old (dumb) phone and put it in the new one and – ta da -it works like a charm. For some reason we couldn’t believe it would be that easy. These phones are available here but they are way more expensive.

Patons Yarns

Yarn – Of course I need to buy a little yarn for myself! Three balls of this Organic Silk Bamboo (in black) will make me a nice wrap for this winter!

What didn’t I bring back that I wanted to?


USB Electrical Outlets – I intended to get to the home center and buy a couple of these – with all our gadgets they would have been very handy.


Tom’s Shoes – I didn’t buy these because I knew I was short on space to bring them back – but guess what? I found them at the mall here in Maz last week!

Now I had better get out there and take some pictures so I can show you what my new camera can do!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I laughed when I saw the Magic Erasers. As we seldom go north I usually ask a friend to bring me some down when she comes. They are so handy. I use them sparingly though as I am never sure when I will be able to get more of them. The last time, she brought me some of the regular ones and also some of the Duo ones, I haven’t tried those yet.
      Have a good day.

    1. When I was living there, the things I missed most were: Egg Nog, Root Beer, my Egyptian cotton sheets and my Swiffer WetJet. I searched everywhere for one. It is SO much handier than a mop and bucket. Alas, I adapted.
      Also, a friend just came home from Maz and she brought me back the sunscreen that I love that isn’t sold in Canada so, once you’re there long enough, it starts to work both ways!

    1. Sheets! Definitely. Don’t know what it is about the ones they sell down there but, yeah, definitely don’t forget to buy your sheets before you make it down. Love the USB ports on the outlets. Will have to put those on my to-do list for my next trip.


    1. Thank goodness for Ebay sometimes! But..nutritional yeast..I totally forgot about that one and I LOVE it on popcorn with a sprinkling of cayenne. I can get that, but have been without it for so long when in Mazatlan, it slipped my mind. Thanks, Nancy. Now to get some popcorn next week when I go to Whole Foods. I also agree about Egyptian cotton sheets. (with over a 900 thread count!!)

    1. Your list is very helpful! I’m going to California in 2 weeks so I’ll add the B-12 to my list. I usually get the liquid, but it’s easier to find the sublingual. I have tons of Magic Erasers..found them at Soriana a couple of months ago, so I’ve got plenty. I gave up looking for the nutritional yeast here, so I’ll add that to my list, too, along with Calcium Pyruvate, Chromium Picolinate and L-Carnitine. The last 2 are sold at GNC here, but cost an arm and a leg compared to what I pay in CA. And YES ~ sheets!! They weren’t on my list, but they are now!
      Most of all, I’m looking forward to shopping @ Marshall’s and TJMaxx. Can’t wait! I’m putting aside an entire day for that! LOL

    1. Well, I now know I have to get over to Soriana’s to see if there are any magic erasers left, and I can’t believe there are Tom’s shoes in the mall! PLEASE tell me where. I wanted to buy some on my last trip NOB but couldn’t squeeze another thing in my bags. The B-12 is wonderful. And the cotton sheets, I’m jealous. The thread counts here don’t come close to 900!

      1. Brenda, I thought someone would get a laugh out of the Magic Erasers!

        Kay, I’m sure I’d have a big long list of things to get in Mexico if I lived NOB, too.

        Andrew, I sure struck a nerve with sheets! We all want them!

        Zoe, The sheets I bought are 350 thread count, organic cotton… Egyptian cotton not in my budget! I don’t use the nutritional yeast on popcorn since I like mine with hot pepper flakes and salt but there is a vegan mac & cheese with it I want to try…

        Christine, I have made the rounds of all our stores over and over again looking for the Magic Erasers, you were probably one step ahead of me!

        Judith, If you can’t find one, I will give you a Magic Eraser… I bought quite a few… The last sheets I bought at Fabricas cost an arm and a leg and faded in the wash something terrible. Grrr! The Tom’s Shoes – Let’s see… go in by Sanborn’s, turn left at the Sinaloa license plate place, turn right at C & W (or whatever that place is) and it is about 5-6 stores ahead on the right. Maybe we need a shopping trip? I’ll drive…

    1. Ha ha, I will give it a try, I think I know where you mean.

    1. nice post, I think I’l do a “copy” post on my blog listing the things I bring back (both ways)
      Those sheets look lovely, I found some vintage cotton sheets last year at Juarez market which are lovely but they have only been through the wash twice and so not sure how well they will hold up.

    1. Nancy, Soriana had both the Mr. Clean ones (Mr. Musculo) and a generic brand I’d never heard of. I bought both and the generics are equally good. They were in the laundry section near liquid fabric softeners, though I don’t know why! I ran across them while smelling all the different Downy softeners and grabbed some. They had quite a few, so may still have some.

    1. What a great post. It is nice to see what a true expat misses most from NOB. If this is all, your not missing much! 🙂

    1. The only way I can afford those Egyptian sheets, is to shop eBay and I have gotten lucky. Here we have different sized beds in the house we are renting,and I don’t want to invest in them. No matter that they are, nothing like fresh clean sheets with NO PILLS, on a bed!

    1. There is no life without Magic Erasers! We use them for eveything and bring down 4 per month while on the Isla.

      Nancy I am still willing to bring stuff down for you mid to end of October is D day although we haven’t talked details yet. Everything is about the new house.

      Not sure how long my case of wine is going to last.

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