ToniCol… Sinaloa’s local cream soda cola

October 10, 2011

I like cream soda. I like root beer. I like cola. I don’t know how they did it, but ToniCol is like all three rolled into one.

What is ToniCol? It is a local vanilla flavored soda invented by Antonio Espinosa de los Montero from Rosario, Sinaloa, around 1870. Rosario is a town about 30 miles South of Mazatlán, and is also the hometown of the singer Lola Beltrán, and a pleasant afternoon outing. But even if Rosario is the birthplace of ToniCol, Mazatlán considers it their hometown soda, for sure.

Like everywhere in México, Coca Cola is the most popular soda, but ToniCol is a big seller here. It is bottled in Rosario by El Manantial bottling company, one of the few independent bottlers in Mexico today.

The ToniCol slogan is “ToniCol … diferente” which translates to “ToniCol…. is different.” I do agree that it is a different taste. What does it taste like? Like a very, very sweet vanilla coke. Almost syrupy, even. I don’t like things too sweet so I diluted mine with a bit with mineral water this weekend while playing scrabble with friends.

If you come to Mazatlán, give the local soda a try. It truly is “diferente!”


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Ah Gee, Now I am going to have to try it! I am a sucker for soda pop that is not the norm. When NOB I will order (mail order) soda from the south, like Moxie and Cheerwine. I am always on the look out for something different from the old Coke and Pepsi.
      Thanks for doing a stellar job in the promotion, you deserve several cases of the stuff for your effort!

      1. Tancho, You should try it, it’s diferente! (Not sure my promotion is that good – you notice I never said I liked it? Good thing no one was paying me and who knows what I’d do if I got several cases of it…

    1. I only drink soda in Mexico-they use real sugar. In the US they put high fructose corn syrup in most sodas. There is a grassroots campaign to pressure the pop companies into permanently dropping the corn syrup. I have heard of the ToniCol, but couldn’t remember the name so I could order it! I will memorize the name and try it this time.

    1. I could never get a spin on toniCol. Like Marty, the Coke in Mexico really does taste so much better and I am not a soda or pop drinker but on a super hot day, with a well made hero sandwich on the balcony, some crujente chips, it hits the spot. Funny girl that I am, I only buy it in the teeny little glass bottles, too. Makes me feel almost like putting on my poodle skirt and heading on down to the corner drugstore, humming Be Bop A Lula.

      1. Marty, All you have to remember is “es diferente!” I’ll be curious what you think when you taste it.

        Zoe, I love the little glass bottles, too. And I spent a week keeping an eye out for the ToniCol truck, a rusty old truck that looks like a Tonka truck the kids had left in the sandbox. But with the cool painted logos on the side. I’ll probably see it today, of course!

    1. Now Zoe that is something I would love to see, you be bopping down the road!

      Marty I had no idea about the corn syrup in US soda drinks. I think I’ll just stick to wine!!

      1. Contessa, If anyone could wear a poodle skirt and bop, it would be Zoe. She has style! (And I’m with you on the wine!)

    1. Well, I specifically looked for it at Aururra today and bought a bottle. It is a toned down version of the drink in the South called Moxie. So, now you have turned me on to an alternative.

    1. I have tried the ToniCol only once and thought it was far, far too sweet. Will give it another try but “thin” it this time and see what I think.

    1. oh my yes, I love Toni-col, just very sad to see there are starting to use plastic bottles more and more, it tastes much better in the glass bottle. (as do all drinks) I always describe it just like you did, a vanilla root beer.

    1. I love Toni-Col but I never knew it came from Mazatlan. I buy it here in Merida, it’s in all the stores. There is even a ‘light’ version with some kind of artificial sweetener. It is sweet, but icy cold on a hot day it is very good. I like the heavy vanilla taste mostly, I’d drink or eat anything with enough vanilla in it.

    1. Hello Nancy,

      Yes got to love those Ton-icol, they are a must specially if you combine them with some tacos. I love your blog, thanks for posting all those great Pic’s of MZT that I miss so much. Blessings

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