Fall is Tomato Roasting Time

September 24, 2011

The state of Sinaloa is the leading tomato growing region in México.  I’m not even sure what the tomato growing season is here because we have wonderful tomatoes all year long!  In the US and Canada, though, fall is tomato harvest time.  I was on the phone with my sister last weekend and she was talking about having a lot of tomatoes from her garden that she needed to make use of.  I described what I do with our tomatoes, and thought I’d share with you, too.

This recipe came from Hector Peniche, the owner of Molika Bakery.  I took some sourdough baking classes from him a while back and he described for us how he makes the delicious roasted tomatoes that he uses in many of his dishes.  A couple are wonderful draped on top of a green salad, or tossed with pasta and herbs, or included in a quiche or tart.

Sliced garlic
Slice some garlic very thin
Quartered tomatoes
Quarter the tomatoes, removing the stem end
Tomatoes ready for roasting
Toss the tomatoes with olive oil, a bit of sugar, sea salt, the garlic, rosemary, and other herbs.  They are ready to go in the oven now.

I make these once a month or so.  That way I have a nice quantity for using over the coming week as well as some to freeze for later. They are also great on bruschetta, or just eaten cold from the container.

Roasted tomatoes
Yummy roasted tomatoes, roasted in a 350 oven for around an hour.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. And guess what I couldn’t find at Mega the other day?
      Asking the clerk, he said they were out of them.
      Impossible, I retorted.
      He looked at me in disbelieving that I would question his answer.
      So I got enough for dinner at Oxxo…..

    1. BIG yum! But, no olive oil?
      I find these Mexican roma tomatoes to be lacking in flavor, but I think roasting them will intensify the flavor they have and with the herbs and garlic etc ooooeeee.

    1. Off to the tianguis this morning and will hie on home with a few kilos of ‘maters for the oven.

      Isn’t it nice I can still feel “my” Nancy-buddy is sitting next to me. ‘-)

      1. Hi all! These really are great, and Trailrunner I forgot to write Olive Oil, too. We have been without internet for 6 days now so I had to get back to the cafe for editing and thanking you for your comments!

    1. I generally grill the tomatoes; adds extra flavor, as when we roast chiles or other vegies over an open fire; much better to me than the oven. I agree to add olive oil to the basting/marinade, and no sugar needed!

      We are soooo wealthy in fresh vegies here in Sinaloa!!!

    1. P.S. I like the crisp new look of your blog site. Kinda different for you, but it pops.

    1. I made these last night, at least close to this. I forgot the sugar, and the sliced garlic but I roasted a whole head of garlic in the same pan. I tasted one and they are really good. I’m deciding now what to make with them, maybe pasta. Great idea! Thanks!

      1. Contessa, Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

        Dianne, We seldom grill outside so this works for me, I do like the little bit of sugar on them but to each his own!

        Mary, I think they would make a good salsa!

        Zoe, Thanks, I think??

        Jonna, One of my favorite easy dinners is to toss some penne with some tomatoes, a can of artichoke hearts cut in quarters, and some kalamata olives if I have them. A bit of shaved parmesan on top and some herbs and you are in heaven! Provecho!

    1. I found HUGE jars of kalamata olives (okay, not fresh, but..) down here at Smart and Final for a pittance! Wahooo. No need to “think”, Nancy, I truly like the new look. I just meant that before you used more design in the space. I like this feel ane when you change again, I no doubt, will like that one, too. ‘-)

      1. Wow, the day got away from me! Sorry I didn’t respond to all your lovely comments earlier, thank you so much. Mazatlan’s Centro is an amazing place, I just love it. But stay tuned for surprises, tomorrow there will be a post with some news! 🙂

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