Getting Ready to Celebrate Independence Day Around Mexico

September 15, 2011

At 11 pm on September 15 El Grito de la Independencia (The Cry of Independence) will be heard around the country. The grito, or shout, is called out as a reenactment of Father Hidalgo’s historic cry in the town of Dolores.  Government officials call out the names of the heroes of the war, which are repeated by the throngs of citizens in this most celebrated holiday in México. The grito culminates with shouts of “Viva México!” and usually a fireworks display. Every city and town has its own way of celebrating the event that marks the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence, and everyone gets ready to celebrate beginning early in the month.

In preparation for this blog post I asked several blogger friends if they’d care to share a few pictures from the celebrations in their cities so that I could show you pictures from around the country as well as from my Mazatlán.  You’ll notice some similarities, and some differences between our communities, I’m sure. These ladies write wonderful blogs which I hope you’ll check out, but right now I’d like you to introduce them to you:

I’d like to show you some pictures of some things that are similar between all the different communities:

alamos independence day
Photo courtesy Linda Adams
cholula ind-day
Photo courtesy Rebecca Smith Hurd
mazatlan independence day
Flags, Hats & Dusters

puebla independence day
Photo courtesy Rebecca Smith Hurd
Photo courtesy Billie Mercer
yahualica patriotic souvenir vendor
Photo courtesy Leslie Harris de Limon

It is obvious by now that there are a lot of flags being sold around the country!

Let’s take a look at how different places decorate their municipal buildings:

mazatlan independence day
The grito will be shouted from the balcony. Thousands will be in attendance.
alamos independence day
Photo courtesy Linda Adams
yahualica presidencia
Photo courtesy Leslie Harris de Limon
yahualica independence day
Photo courtesy Leslie Harris de Limon
puebla zocalo 2010
Photo courtesy Rebecca Smith Hurd

Each community is a little different in how they celebrate.Here are some unique Dia de la Independencia traditions around the country:

father hidalgo
Father Hidalgo rides in San Miguel de Allende. Photo courtesy Billie Mercer
puebla fireworks zocalo
Fireworks in the Puebla Zocalo – Photo courtesy Rebecca Smith Hurd
mazatlan independence day
Municipal Leaders watching the 2008 Mazatlan Independence Day Parade
san miguel jardin
Banner in the jardin in San Miguel de Allende – Photo courtesy Billie Mercer
alamos independence day
Paper flags decorate downtown Alamos. Photo courtesy Linda Adams
dolores hidalgo grito
Dolores Hidalgo waiting for the grito. Photo courtesy Billie Mercer
alamos fireworks y lamp posts
These  lamps are put all around the edges of the buildings on the square – Photo courtesy Linda Adams
alamos fireworks y lampposts 2
The lamps are visible just above the edge of the building. Photo courtesy Linda Adams
san miguel jardin twilight
San Miguel de Allende’s jardin at twilight – Photo courtesy Billie Mercer

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    1. Nancy – You were a day too soon with the camera. The city hall is even more decorated now, and there is a huge stage on the south side.

    1. Once again, you have given us a wonderful picture of life in Mexico. Thanks.

    1. Nancy,

      Great to see the photos from the different locations. I especially enjoyed the ones form San Miguel, I spent an independence day there myself. Great time. Viva Mexico!

      stay adventurous, Craig

    1. Well done post Nancy – Billie’s photos are always magnificent as are all the others that you selected.

      VIVA MExico

      1. Larry, That’s always the way it goes! Oh Well!

        Kathie, Thanks so much.

        Craig, Thank you, it was a communal effort, truly.

        Babs, Thank you, I appreciated your sending me pics, just couldn’t use them for this post… I did save them though, hopefully I can use them in Nov! Saludos, amiga!

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