Random Mazatlan

July 27, 2011

Here are some random observations about my beloved home, Mazatlán.

There is always a lady in a caja. Most stores and restaurants have a (usually) female employee as a cashier.  No one else handles the money.  In some places – like fabric stores – there is a separate place to pick up your merchandise.  So yes, you wait three times. (for the employee to write up the merchandise ticket, to pay at the cashier, and at the merchandise pickup)

The kids here are lucky.  Anytime they want they can run over to the shore and swim or boogie board.

People adore this country.  People around town ask me where Paul is, and when I say “Puebla” they sigh and tell me how much they love it, or Taxco, or Cuernavaca, or many other places.  They would talk all day.

Stores still close for comida from 2-4. I love that so many people still share a family mid-day meal and perhaps a siesta, too.

If you can think it up, you can have it made.  I want to have Huichol beaded dog collars made for Coco and Henry, and eventually I will find someone to make them, I’m sure.

Many Mazatlecan women have great balance.  They have to – they’re wearing 4″ heels on these crazy sidewalks.

People here really like yogurt. Most supermarkets have at least 20 feet of cooler space devoted to yogurt.

If you have nothing to do, just walk to the Plazuela.  You’ll see someone you know and have a nice chat.

When outside painting out graffiti on our property the other day, one man said they should catch them and cut off their hands. Wow.

Waiters always comment with approval when Paul orders a shot of tequila and a beer.

An after school treat for the kids at the school across from us is ceviche.


There aren’t any air-conditioned bars open during the day in Centro. Well, that our knitting group wanted to go to for a knitting afternoon.

No one gets excited when a car stops in mid-street to let someone out.  But if you don’t go the second the light turns green? Honk! Honk!

When rainy season starts, watch out!  All your plants will grow like crazy!

Mega stocks the sugar in the fruit and vegetable area.  No idea why.

Hummingbirds can guzzle up a lot of nectar every day.  Their antics are worth it.

Dogs recognize the beep of the air conditioner being turned on and come running.

I like to support the Amigos de los Animales thrift store, but if I have an item to give away sometimes I set it out separately on garbage night and it is gone in 5 minutes.

You can keep the rain from coming in under the door by rigging up two plastic placemats with duct tape.

At least every other block has a little tienda (store) where you can buy one aspirin, one egg, or a bottle of Coke.

Most music played outdoors is cranked up to distortion level.

Pulmonia taxi

Every coastal city should adopt the use of pulmonias.  And aurrigas, too!

Auriga taxi will hold up to 10 people

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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Sighhhhh! You really make me miss Mazatlan! I love the way they prepare ceviche there-we tell everybody we know about it. Not only does Mega put the sugar in produce, but the eggs, too. Once you know that, you’re good. I love the raw sugar. You can get it in the US, but it’s way more expensive-why? I always buy a big bag of sugar and take it home in a ziplock. I use it only in my coffee, so that it might last until my next visit “home.”

      We have gained a lot of Mexicans here in our area. It’s nice to hear the Spanish spoken in Walmart, and see the beautiful brown smiling faces! That makes me homesick too.

      Hubs informed me that he really doesn’t want to live in Mazatlan, just visit a lot-never considered divorce before……..

    1. At the tianguis (street market) where I shop, you can also buy a tiny packet of six cloves, another that holds a half-teaspoon of ground cinnamon, or another little plastic package of six peppercorns. And if you need a quick smoke, you can get a single cigarette!

    1. Sugar in the produce section?? Odd!

      In Cancun grocery stores, coffee filters can be found in the electronics department, by the coffeemakers (not by the coffee grounds, which would make more sense)

    1. This post makes me homesick. I even miss the Gaspasa song, the gas trucks in Puebla play some terrible screechy song.

    1. oh I Love the gaspa song too…..does anyone have the words to that? Yup I too miss the quirkyness of Mexico.

    1. I think Nancy printed them once. Something like Gas-gas-pasa, Gaspasa en su casa.

      1. Marty, I don’t think Mazatlan wants to be the cause of a divorce, I think you just better compromise…

        Mexico Cooks!, I love the six cloves, but I can get in trouble with the single cigarettes… or at least I used to! Saludos amiga!

        Laura, There’s a bit of logic to the coffee filters near the coffee makers but I wish I could figure out why the sugar is in the produce aisles!

        Paul, Two more sleeps!

        Mary, I can’t remember now, but I can hum it for you if you want!

        Zoe, that sounds right, maybe!

    1. really cool observations. can we all copy you and do our own obblog without © lawsuits?

      1. Copy away! I look forward to your observations, they are bound to be entertaining.

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