Poor little lambie

June 1, 2011

In my past life I used to like to drink a diet coke every now and then. I also suffered from migraines. Little did I know that I was triggering migraines every time I drank one. The artificial sweetener they use in diet coke is aspartame, and I am very sensitive to it.

Normally I have a lot of energy and have multiple projects going at once. But the last two days I have been down for the count with this stupid migraine, and it’s not gone yet. I suspect that some aspartame found its way into my food or drink when we ate out the other night. The salad dressing is my prime suspect.

So the only thing I can tell you that I’ve really accomplished in the last two days is hanging up my first effort at fabric collage. I dyed the fabric at Mary’s and designed and stitched it all by hand. Don’t look too close, though, as you will find flaws, but I love it and think visitors staying in our guest room will, too.

By the way, whenever we were sick as kids, our mother would caress our brows and say “poor little lambie.” It always made me feel better.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. “Poor little lamby”. I hope you feel better.We all need some tenderness sometimes. By the way, have been reading your blog for a while, and enjoy it. Thanks.

    1. I love the wall hanging-you did a great job. I am sensitive to aspartame too. For years I suffered badly with fibromyalgia, and at the same time was addicted to Diet Coke. In 2002 I had stomach surgery and was told to avoid carbonated beverages. I went through terrible withdrawal but when I came out on the other side, the fibromyalgia was gone! Only once in the last 9 years did I drink a Diet Coke, and the next day all my symptoms came right back. Now I’m happy to leave it alone! Aspartame is a neurotoxin and should be avoided at all costs.

    1. Love the wall hanging, Nancy! The mango seller is wonderful. You can tell it is lovingly stitched!

    1. Your wall hanging looks fantastic! It brings back memories of our wonderful class with Mary.

    1. The wall hanging looks awesome – no flaws from where I’m sitting.

      Hope your head is better. Tell Paul to give you a massage.

    1. Nancy – the wall hanging looks super. So talented – we need to do another class with Mary – that was so fun!

    1. My poor little lambie…soon it will all be better! Hang in there! Love the wall hanging, awesome job for a first time fabric collage. I think that anything you do always turns out great. As for the aspartame, similar to Marty & the fibro, once off it my life improved. Good for you for tying the two together.

      1. JR, Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

        Marty, Thank you, I love the childlike folk art look to it. Glad you figured out your aspartame connection, too.

        Judith, Thanks! I love the mango guy the best, too.

        Tracey & Kathi – We all had such fun at Mary’s! I tried to link to her website but it kept giving me errors, unfortunately.

        Greg, Thank you – I am better now, still taking it easy today though.

        Contessa, Aspartame is in so many things it is ridiculous. Even full sugar Juicyfruit gum has it! I have to read labels constantly.

    1. Poor little lambie, glad your head is better today.
      I used to get migraines also and was told to cut out chocolate, citrus fruits and yellow cheese. That helped a lot. Getting rid of a 23 yr. long problem, stress wise completed the cure and I have been almost migraine free for many years.
      One thing I cannot handle still is Red Wine, I get an instant splitting headache; although thank goodness it is not a migraine. Something in Red Wine does not agree with me.
      Take it easy today and hopefully tomorrow you will be right as rain, whatever that is.

    1. I hope you are feeling better. The wall hanging is gorgeous, I’m really impressed. I had no idea about aspartame, I always kind of wondered when friends would ask if there was any of it in things.

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