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May 28, 2011

The last couple of days have felt warm. Not hot – blast furnace hot – like it can get in August or September. In August you can drive along with your hand out the window and feel the heat just like an oven. Right now it is warm but there is this little undercurrent of cool.

Even though it isn’t super hot it takes a bit of time to adjust and I have been a bit woozy today, not feeling like myself. I decided a refreshing drink that would hydrate me and make me feel cooler is a Limonjito. I get these when we go to the Sinaloa chain Panamá sometimes. It is a combination of lime, cucumber, and mint blended with ice in my Vita-mix blender. Very refreshing!

The weather forecast calls for it to be very hot mid week – 97 degrees or so. If the humidity stays up that will be some hot weather for sure.  Other areas in México are very hot, too.  Our rainy season usually starts the last week of June, but we are hoping it starts a bit earlier this year.

Below take a look at a sweet potato plant I’m growing.  I forgot it in  a bowl on the counter and it had tiny little sprouts.  I sat it in a dish with water for a couple of days and then planted it.  I just love how things grow here – with lots of enthusiasm!



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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Your limonjito looks very tasty! I remember my first encounter with the hot humid weather in Nayarit, I nearly passed out a couple of times. I thought I could do all of my normal activities without consequences, boy was I wrong and I found out the hard way. I got sick.

      I’m sure you already do but change up your activities during the day to an earlier time so that you don’t get caught up in the hot weather and like the article says drink lots of water!

    1. Interesting! My sweet potatoes have heart shaped leaves. Wonder what it is called?

    1. Isn’t it great, stick it in the ground and it grows, usually like wildfire.

      Yes, it is warming up; but still cool enough at night to sleep with windows open. It is the same here, heat with just a touch of cool in the breeze.

    1. The weather does seem to have an odd mix to it. I had dinner last night at a restaurant on the beach. The breeze was pleasant. An almost perfect night. But when I got home (4 blocks in from the beach), the heat was almost oppressive. That ocean-cooled breeze makes a world of difference. Of course, as you write, the ocean will be warmed by August. And the breeze will be hot.

    1. Here in Montana it only got to 58 today. We are promised 70’s later next week-I sure hope so. This has been the craziest year for weather! I love how stuff grows in Mazatlan. BTW-did you get a good tenant for your rental?

    1. Here in central Texas, if the temperature drops below 70F, we’re reaching for a sweater. And it has to be in triple digits before you are justified in greeting someone with, “Damn, it’s HOT today, ain’t it?” Think it’s time for a limonjito doble, verdad?

    1. The limonjito sounds wonderful! Could you share your recipe? And are you still using the chia seeds? This drink sounds like a natural for adding that.

      1. Trinidad, Thank for coming by, and yes, we really drink a lot of water and of course I am a nut for Chia! But it’s always an adjustment when the weather starts to heat up.

        Judy, Here there are two kinds of camotes, yellow and orange, (although the yellow is actually white). This one was a yellow. Just a funny piece of information, our birds love the orange ones and hate the white.

        Brenda, We just turned on the air this week at night, but on dehumidify and a high temp.

        Steve, You’re so right, it is all in the breezes. We are lucky, even though we are back from the beach we have a nice breeze through our place most of the time.

        Marty, Wow, you are going to have a short summer this year I bet! We got a great tenant for the 6 months of winter, we aren’t worrying about renting it for the summer, if it happens, it happens.

        Les, Is that real dry heat? When we were in Merida in April a couple of years ago it was 107 and we were fine with it. But with 85% humidity it is hard to get comfortable. When are you coming down here?

        Barbara, I made the limonjito by muddling splenda, mint, and the juice of two big limes in the bottom of a glass then in a blender I blended a peeled cucumber, water and ice. It was quite good. When it’s hot out I also like to make a cucumber, celery, and tomato juice with hot sauce. The celery makes it extra refreshing.

        I’m still using Chia but not in drinks so much since it gels up too fast.

    1. The humidity is what is hard to take, the hot dry air is okay. Right now I would be happy for 20C and sun. Very unseasonable weather here in Canada.

      1. Andrea, I hope you have a great visit! Congrats to the bride and groom for choosing Mazatlan!

        Contessa, It is just lovely here in my book, perfect. Here and there it is too hot for a bit, usually when we have to walk somewhere in the middle of the day. Other than that, perfect. I’m so sorry that the weather has been so crummy this spring for you, hopefully it will straighten out soon.

    1. I really enjoy your blog. We visited Mazatlan last year, will be back again in October. Thinking about retiring in M. in about 4 yrs. The WA climate is only enjoyable (very enjoyable really) 3 months out of the year. We have lived all over the world,so it will not be too much of a culture shock. Your blog put us in the mood!
      Thank you.

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