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March 19, 2011

I went AWOL again, I know!  Lots has been going on, we are having fun for sure.  I never got around to editing the video of the Carnaval parades, and I have to confess it probably isn’t going to happen now.  But here’s some of what we’ve been up to:

We went to the Bow Wow Meow, a fundraiser for Proyecto Animales de la Calle (PAC) at the Condominium Om.  It was a great event, a lot of money was raised, and everyone had a wonderful time.  I thought I was going to be able to capture the crowd with the sunset behind us, but the photo at the top is the best I could do even with Photoshop help.

I’ve been perfecting my bean making skills.  We’ve decided that peruano beans with carrot, onion, celery, and lots of garlic are our favorites.  I make them in my 40 peso bean pot using plenty of epazote (that I remove before we eat.)


We’ve been to the annual Oaxaca craft fair – I went once with Paul and once with a girlfriend and bought a fantastic wool jacket and some other clothing.  Afterwards a beverage and lunch at Diego’s makes for a pretty nice afternoon.


We went to a wine tasting at Casa de Leyendas featuring wines by L.A. Cetto vineyards.  Very nice wines in wonderful surroundings, with excellent food and good friends. What could be better than that?

Joe, Paul, Me, the sommelier Irving, Sharon, Joe, Kari

I’ve been knitting – right now I am working on the Ribs and Lace Tank by Jodi Green.  I’m using some lovely variegated cotton-alpaca yarn that I bought when I visited my sister in Berkeley last year.  I plan on wearing it over a white camisole and skirt so the open weave pattern is more visible.


We spent a really fun afternoon today visiting with Contessa and Colin who are wintering here (and blogging from) Stone Island where they live in their RV with their two adorable daschunds. We met at Puesto del Sol palapa restaurant for lunch and then later a tour of their RV, too.  They head back to Canada soon but next year we hope to get to know them better.  I’d include a picture of Contessa and me but unfortunately the picture was horrible so you’ll have to check out Paul at the table before Colin and Contessa arrived.

Paul at Puesto del Sol

We’ve been doing plenty of other stuff, too.  Tonight though I plan on watching the super-moon for a bit and then going to bed early.  Tomorrow will be another busy day, here’s a shout out to my sister Wendy, wishing her a happy birthday, and a happy spring!

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    1. The beans look (and sound) great. I have been experimenting with fava beans. I learned when cooked too long, they turn into something akin to split pea soup. Very good, but not what I originally intended.

    1. We will be meeting them tomorrow. My new (and not yet met) friend Pattie will be meeting us at Peli and I invited Contessa and Colin too. I am so excetied! Maybe next visit we can meet you as well.

    1. Isn’t it fun meeting so many people in person after having either read blogs, emailed or in some other way connected? There are still so many I have yet to meet and Contessa (is that her real name?) is one of them.

      I absolutely LOVE that wool you are using for this current project. It is just gorgeous and looks like it would feel totally luxurious, too.

    1. Nancy, thanks for your kind words. We just loved the two of you and know that without a doubt we shall be seeing a lot of each other starting in November. From the look in Paul’s eyes I’m beginning to visualize an RV in your future!! I’ll post a photo in a day or so.

      Zoe, yes my real name and I love to tell the story that I married Colin only because his last name was Jewall!!! The ‘feel’ of Nancy’s wool is wonderful. We shall get together next winter!

      1. Steve, Enjoy your beans!

        Marty, Have a great time, I know you will. See you next trip!

        Zoe, It is fun to meet in person, we already “knew” each other, you see! I am loving this latest knitting project, I have an afternoon for it today! Yay!

        Contessa, We had such a nice time, we look forward to having you over here and perhaps catching a concert one night next winter. Have a safe trip back!

      1. Felipe, You and Steve are just two peas in a pod… um, two beans in a pot … But, by “speak to me” you remind me of the little rhyme “Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot…” Remember that one? Buen provecho!

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