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May 26, 2010

Maybe I wonder why I am being so domestic?  I have been having a lot of fun playing at home lately.   All my life while I was busy working I made time for sewing, baking, knitting, and gardening… but since we’ve retired I am really having a ball.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve done some sewing – repairing clothes and altering clothes for better fit.  I bought some great fabric and made a bed cover and pillow shams for our bed, and I plan on making new covers for all the beds.  We’ve been using duvet covers with nothing inside but finding new covers here that we like has been a huge challenge, so making them is the way to go.

The painting above the bed at the top of the post is by Trevor Bennett.

I have continued baking.  I bought a notebook and am keeping track of exactly what I do so if something works out I can recreate it!  Son Phil brought down some goodies for me – one was Nancy Silverton’s Breads from the La Brea Bakery.  (The book was recommended to me by Hector, the baker at Molika)  I’ve read most of it and have learned so much about sourdough and what to think about when baking.  One thing that will be a bit of a challenge for me is the kitchen temperature in the summer.  She likes a temp in the mid 70’s and right now mine is about 82 most days, and in the middle of summer will be about 86.  You can adjust the temp of the water and I might try using my beach cooler as a  cool-box for rising bread.  My latest attempt was a white bread with yeast and sourdough starter, too.  I added yeast so that I could bake the bread the same day – sourdough likes a slow rise.  The bread turned out fine, it was pretty dense but delicious.  It makes wonderful toast, roasted vegie open faced sandwiches, and tomorrow – french toast.

I also made some fantastic whole wheat sourdough pizza.  I read this article in the New York Times (be sure to read all the related stories) and could hardly be restrained from making the dough immediately.  It improves the longer you leave it in the fridge – I only waited 24 hours, but it was fantastic.  And now that Mega carries kalamata olives (in the deli area) and I can make sun dried tomatoes, I am a happy camper.  The picture below is leftovers heating up on the comal for lunch – I love pizza reheated this way – almost as good as the first day.


I also made dog cookies – a recipe from Breads from the LaBrea Bakery.  Both our dogs approve wholeheartedly, and doggie pal Sadie reports them to be delicious, too.  They have fresh mint in them for nice breath and can be given to a teething baby, too.


We are eating at home more lately since I have been making all this nice bread – and the other day I was going to make guacamole – only thing is it turned out I didn’t have any cilantro and one of my avocados was no good.  I’d already cut up the onions, jalapeños, and tomato.  So I winged it a bit and threw in some canned corn (well, those little square boxes) and some drained and rinsed black beans.  We like the baked Sanissimo tostadas, and while I thought this was going to be a little snack with a glass of wine it turned out to be dinner!


I have been poking around the various places with kitchen items around town and one of my favorite places (just up from Zaragoza on Serdan, west side) had popcicle molds!  I have been asking all over town for the almost three years we’ve been here. But I snatched up two sets (for 12 pesos each) and am looking forward to making us delicious blended fruit and juice paletas to keep up cool in the summertime.


I have a new knitting project going – it’s a wrap, and when I saw it on Knitty I knew it would be something I’d love to make and wear.  I still have a ways to go – and when you look at the picture below you can’t really even tell what it will look like when it’s blocked.  I am making it in a silk, wool and bamboo yarn called Panda Silk in a gorgeous deep brown.


We head to Mexico City soon for a visit with our son and his family.  There is lots going on with them so we should have a blast.  Of course I look forward to playing with Consuelo – isn’t she just a little dreamboat?


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy, you make everything seem so cozy and yes, Consuelo is wicked adorable! Love how gnarly with awesomeness the comal is – like a seasoned spoon or wok!

    1. DANG! And I was so proud of myself making peach cobbler today…

      1. Crissy, I didn’t do everything in one day, you know! And peach cobbler sounds so delicious….

        Jillian, Thanks so much. That comal has been mine for (eek) almost 40 years and it was old when I got it!

    1. If I’m ever in Mazatlan, I want to have lunch at your house! Everything looks so delicious. And I am so glad that you finally found your “moldes para paletas”! 🙂

    1. Well kiddo, I just found out I have been “abusing” my pizza dough with a rolling pin.

      Along with bread making, sheep shearing, west forty plowing, duvet making, knitting overcoats for Lithuanian refugees, I think you must have also found a way to clone yourself. Is there now a Nancy, a Nan, a Nancita, a Nanceroo? I thought I was a whirlwind, but next to you I look like a bed-ridden invalid!

      1. Leslie, We would love love love to have you come for lunch! Anytime!

        Zoe, You are funny! But I am having a lot of fun playing around the house lately. When I was younger and had so much more to juggle I felt like I never did anything as well as I would have liked – now I can take my time to work at things and read and research and do a much better job. Which leads to more satisfaction. I do plenty of nothing, too, by the way.

    1. WOW that all looks so great. I am with Leslie. If I am in Mazatlan I am heading your way! That would be true anyway- but now I am going to come hungry and naked! jajaja

    1. That bread looks heavenly! I envy your life in Mazatlan and am counting down the days (months actually) until we return. 6 months to go!

      1. Mindy, If you are in Mazatlan and DON’T come over you’ll be in trouble!

        Jackie, Thank you!

        Kelly, Thanks, the bread was delish – but since then I have done a really fabulous sourdough that was even better! Hasta Deciembre!

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