Vamos a comer! (Let’s go eat!)

March 24, 2010

Above is a picture of Hector standing behind some of his freshly baked breads.  This amazing scene is at the new bakery-restaurant Molika that is occupying the space formerly occupied by the 28 Centro deli.  Paul and I take our blogging job seriously and had to head out to check it out last week.  And, just for you, dear readers, again today.  Hector and his wife have moved here from England where she had been a chef. 

Last week we stopped by for dinner and had a wonderful chat with the owner, Hector.  He is the baker and his wife is the chef.  We started out with a lovely glass of shiraz, and I ordered the smoked cheese ravioli and Paul the chicken pesto salad.  Both were superb.  After some time chatting with Hector he brought us out a complimentary plate of fresh organic local feta with sundried tomato and ginger pesto.  Honestly, I have seldom had food this good in Mazatlán!  The bread is fantastic.

dsc01521open faced foccacia bread sandwich with roasted vegetables

Today we headed there for lunch, and while the place was empty when we arrived at about 12:40 it didn’t stay that way for long.  Word really gets around this town!

dsc01520fresh swordfish special

We ordered lemonade made with sparkling water  – and for me, open faced foccacia bread sandwich with roasted vegetables.  This comes with a side salad.  Paul had swordfish that was atop a tomato-cucumber-crouton salad.  Both were wonderful.  Unable to resist, we shared a date bread “pudding” with toffee sauce and ice cream. Delicious.

dsc01523sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and ice cream

We bought a piece of foccacia bread to take to friends a little later today, and another one to keep for ourselves.

dsc01528foccacia bread

Prices are around $80 for sandwiches and a little more for the dinners.

I had intended to interview Hector and get the scoop on all their details but they were just too busy to stop and chat by the time we left, but take it from me, if you want a meal in Mazatlán prepared by someone who truly cares about food, go to Molika on Belisario Dominguez at Constitution.


In other restaurant news, there is another new place on Sixto Osuna just a half block off the Plazuela Machado.  Called Kit Cat it is a sandwich and pizza place.  We haven’t visited it yet so I can’t tell more.  If you’ve eaten there, please leave a comment, ok?

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Wow! It sounds as if Hector and his wife have good eyes for interesting food combinations. Another reason to visit Mazatlan.

    1. Oh man…I can’t wait for our next Mazatlan visit. It will definitely be one of the place we will go to. I am so tired of the places around, the last few times I gave up and just bought enough stuff at the market and cooked at our room. It has been so disappointing the last few years of the lack of interesting places to go to. Seems like every thing is ho hum, based on your pix, this place will be successful!

    1. We’ll have to give it a try this next week.

      By the way, Zorbas the Greek is reopening. His new place is on Sixto Osuna a block or so down from the Malecon. He already has a big sign out. I miss his gyros.


    1. When I’m able to get back down there, hope to invite you all to try a genre I’m creating (in my mind) as I write…LaTex Fusion. No, it’s not “rubbery” chicken, but taking from both sides of my family, the south Louisiana rice-and-gravy folks and the central Gulf Coast chicken-fried-everything people, the idea is to provide some Lone Star comfort food once in awhile. That said, I am looking forward to trying the places you’ve discovered, Nancy. Thanks.

    1. I have yet to stop in, but have been recommending this place to everyone, based on the reviews I have read and kudos from people I trust. The breads look amazing. Maybe
      a touch pricier than some places, but superb quality and care are worth every peso. Hope to make there there this weekend with our visitor.

      1. Steve, The sun dried tomato and ginger salsa was amazing! I think he sells it by the jar, too.

        Tancho, There are a number of good places to eat in Centro, next time you’re here I’ll summarize the best of them!

        Larry, There are more restaurants to report on, you’re right. I sense another post in the offing… but darn, that means we need to eat out again!

        Les, People here are looking for different food options, there is good Thai, and pizza/Italian but no Chinese or Indian. I think your idea would be well received if the food is good and the prices were decent.

        Zoe, You’ll enjoy it. It is a bit pricier but I would rather go out less often and have something that makes me moan and want to lick the plate than the alternative!

    1. Nancy – Something to look forward to when I’m next in Mazatlan, possibly in May. And right in your neighborhood, too!

    1. Hey Nancy,

      Yes Molika is very good food and I agree that I would avoid all sweets all week just to have their deserts once in a while. Kit Kat is nothing too fancy but regular sandwiches, bagette (sp) sandwiches and square pizzas. I found the prices for the sandwiches that I had very inexpensive and I have been told that the pizzas are pretty good.

      Do you know of a good Thai restaurant in town? I really miss red curry.



      1. Jackie, Oh, trust me, the food was great!

        1st. Mate, Next time you’re here, it’s my treat! I hope it works out for a visit in May!

        Sonja, Thanks for the info on Kit Cat, we will have to hit that next week. And yes, if you want Thai food we highly recommend Zab Thai in the golden zone. Want to double date?

    1. Oh My! You’re making me hungry! These pictures are fabulous, the Swordfish with the bread salad (panzanella) was light and oh so tasty! I’ve been back twice now, tried the beef Pannini, homemade lasagna, the octopus salad (recommended) and of course the sticky date pudding (very English – Hector’s wife, also a chef, is from England somewhere…) so it was really good. Hmmmm, maybe I need to go try the veggie sandwich!

      1. Pamela, Hi there! Thanks for coming to the blog! (Ha Ha Now that you’re a blogger you are getting into it, right?) We’ll be regulars at Molika, I’m sure. I just hope that everyone who stays here in the summer gives him their business since summer is a tough time for restaurants here. I will!

    1. Totally right, I’m addicted now…should have known (maybe secretly I knew I would love it but simply was in total denial!)
      I will most def be there during summer – fingers crossed he gets that AC going!

    1. Hector and Victoria have worked in top notch places in London and Mexico.
      They have both specialized in Italian because they have mostly worked for great Italian chefs in London for the last 8 years (aprox).

      Hector is a native form Mazatlán, and has worked and lived in different places incluiding South America. He is back in his hometown trying to show them somethig different, tasty , beautiful.
      Victoria is English and speaks fluent Spanish from the time they both worked in Puerto Vallarta.

      cant wait to visit them, and try their passion for food on a plate!

    1. How is the sourdough baking going? Does it taste as good in this humid climate?

      1. It is going great! I have been going back and forth between sourdough and regular bread since sourdough takes much longer to rise and proof. But I made some earlier this week that is fantastic – nice and sour but not overwhelming. You should try it! Just get some red grapes and get a starter going, and next time you order books get Breads from the La Brea Bakery by Nancy Silverton or one of Peter Reinhart’s books. I am having fun with it… but of course I’m retired, unlike you!

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