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March 18, 2010

I know, I know, I have been a real sporadic blogger lately!  I have plenty of excuses, which I’m sure you aren’t interested in hearing about.

We had company, though – our son and daughter in law and our granddaughter came over from México City for five days.  Our son travels a lot on business and our daughter in law is busy with her Foundation so it had been hard to find a time we could get together.  Consuelo is 14 months old now and is walking and can even say a few words.  She and our dog Henry became fast friends.

She loved swimming in her inflatable pool.

She loved eating oatmeal that Nana made. (that’s me)dsc01466

She enjoyed lunch at Playa Bruja.dsc01456

She loved strolling over to Puerto Viejo.dsc01461

It was a great visit.  Too short, as always. For family or other Consuelo fans, a video is here.

In other news, there is a lot going on in town.

  • Tomorrow is an art opening at Recrea featuring the work of Kym Hoffschildt, Cecilia García, Glen Rogers, Cecilia Sànchez Duarte and Ricardo Arzola.
  • This weekend is the Triatholon – as we took a long walk down the malecón today they were setting up the registration area and putting up barricades.
  • The book fair is still going in the Plazuela Machado – Paul and I bought a great old book of the origin of swear words in español!
  • Amigos de los Animales dog walk and costume contest is this Sunday.
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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. it looks like a great visit. Family visiting is the very best reason not be blogging. You should be too busy playing in the inflatable pool. I am glad you had such a goon time.

      1. Chrissy, Yes, grandkids are the best. I love picking out the traits where she reminds me of her dad.

        Leslie, Thank you, she is a cutie! We had a blast.

        Mindy, I only wish I could fit in the inflatable pool!

        MexicanTrailrunner, Thanks! We had a great time, I needed some rest when they left – wow, can she run around a lot, and FAST!

    1. She’s great with the camera, seems to be a natural.Funny when she was reaching up to you in the last picture, like “Now it’s my turn to shoot you!” Someday, niñita…

    1. Oh boy…what a cutie!! I can’t believe she is 14 mos old all ready. I remember when she was born. Time sure does fly the older I get. I’m lucky my little granddaughter lives up the street from me. One day she was born and the next day she was turning 11….what happened? So happy that you got to spend 5 days with her, however, you’re right…they do wear you out!!
      ;o) The video is excellent, thanks for sharing.

    1. 1st. Mate, When you pick up a camera she lights up into a big smile, quite the ham!

      Lynda, The time passes so quickly when you measure it by the way a child develops… and thanks for the compliment on the video, I didn’t figure anyone but family would watch it!

    1. Hi Nancy…I not only watched it once, I watched it twice and I’ll probably show it to my husband, so that will be three times. Consuelo doesn’t know she’s already a star! It looks like she is going to be bilingual, Mommy speaks to her in Spanish and Daddy speaks to her in English. That’s is wonderful and at this age they don’t even know it’s happening, they just learn both, I’ve seen it happen that way. The video has a great back drop also. I enjoyed looking at your home, the tile floors etc; and especially when you were at the beach. The mountains, the water, the silhouettes of the three of them coming out of the water, the music, the big fish your daughter in law was eating and feeding baby girl, it was all so nice. I felt like I was back there and could even smell the sights and sounds. You probably think I’m a little off, but I assure you it’s a bad case of loving and missing Mexico! We use to go there sometimes twice a year for about 20 years and haven’t been to the West Coast in quite sometime. Thanks for posting it and GREAT job “Abuela!”

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