There’s a lot of wet paint around here

March 1, 2010

Winter is the perfect time to paint here in Mazatlán.  The temperature is comfortable – mid 70’s to mid 80’s – and the humidity is low.  But this year in addition to the normal homeowner updating here in Centro there seems to be an effort by the city to get some paint on buildings that badly need it.  I don’t know the details of the program, but with tourism down like it is, putting some additional people to work is a good thing!

The first batch of pictures are completed paint jobs.  Aren’t they gorgeous? At the top is one side of the Military Hospital.

A gorgeous old home that has been restored top-to-bottom.dsc01440

Three houses in a row have nice fresh paint.  You can order a delicious rich cake from the family in the one on the far right and take dancing lessons from the family in the one on the far left.dsc01441

This house is on a very narrow street and I couldn’t back up enough to entirely capture its charm.dsc01445

We were skeptical when we saw this paint color, but once they got a couple of coats on, we are fans.dsc01443

This one is a beauty now.  They are working on it inside and I would love to know more!dsc01442

Some are still in progress:

Once Carnaval was over they decided to spruce up the malecon.dsc01430

One guy scraping, one behind him painting.  My mother would have called this  “a lick and a promise.”dsc01426

We can’t believe the paint on this one!  Kind of reminds me of some of the San Francisco “Painted Ladies.”  Check out the guy walking along the ledge at the top right side…dsc01438

Here’s a doorway on the other street.


This building is more modern but it is getting a makeover, too.dsc01434

I read in the Pacific Pearl a couple of months ago that the plan is to make this building into a hotel and business center for people who want to take “work-ations.”  I love the tile on the far end of this one.dsc01436

Here’s the other side of the one above. See the guy kneeling at the parapet?dsc01435

This one is actually empty.  It has no windows but it would be an absolute show stopper if it was redone.  I’m glad it’s getting exterior paint, anyway!  The pillars in the inside courtyard are absolutely gorgeous.  Here’s a picture if you want to see…dsc01439

The last picture is one that is prepped and waiting for paint.dsc01444

I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  I bet there are hundreds here in Centro that are getting painted right now.  Maybe you ought to come and take a look!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Spring cleaning has started early in Mazatlan!

      Beautiful pics, Nancy! I can’t decide which one is my favorite. 😀

    1. Wow!! Beautiful pictures! Beautiful town! It’s such a happy-looking place with all those colors.

    1. I have GOT to start taking the camera out each time we trek around. These are great,Nancy, and it seems so much is being spiffed up right now. Just can’t imagine anyone NOT wanting to live in Centro!

      1. John, I love the colors, too – but supposedly if you paint in Centro Historico you have to use historic colors and something tells me the purple and green aren’t on the list!

        Leslie, I think spring cleaning was overdue by a few years !!!

        Mike, You will see a lot of changes – everything is looking great.

        Mic, Yes, Mazatlan is one of the happiest places around!

        Zoe, Every time I leave the camera at home I see something I want to capture.

    1. Fantastic colors! Makes me want to head down to Comex and finally select paint for my kitchen color wall…but it’s so hard to decide! I want them all!

    1. Looks like I’ll need to take some additional photos to be current, love the colors in Centro Historico, We’ll be there Sunday with Bev & Mike & Gerry & Sandi…really getting tired of the grey days here in Oregon.

    1. Nancy — These are fantastic photographs. I am considering switching blog platforms because of the graphic manipulation limitations in my current program. I assume you are happy that you switched.

      Every time I see your photographs of El Centro in Mazatlan, I start thinking that it might be a place worth a long-term visit.

    1. Great photos. I love t hem all. The blue and white building is especially elegant.

    1. It seems like there is ALWAYS a building – or 5 – being re-painted some bright awesome color here! It’s one of my favorite things about Mexico, how it’s perfectly normal to have a barbie pink house or green, yellow, blue, torqouise – ect – anything EXCEPT the American beige, white and brown blas. 🙂

      1. Oops! Lindy, my bad! I’ve fixed the link… and I love the bright colors, too! There is a recently rehabbed house here in Centro that they’re marketing to gringos and they painted it beige! It cracks me up, most people that move to Mexico want color. I think they’ll be waiting a long time to sell. Take care!

    1. There are some really great buildings in Maz and you have done a brilliant job of show casing them! Have you been to Puebla? The building facades there are not painted but covered with tiles.

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