Close relations

December 27, 2009

I love all the old houses in Centro.  Many of them have close relatives on the same street.  Some look like twins, or even triplets.

Some probably started life as  a much larger house, and now we notice the similarities, even though the paint may be a different color!

Some, like the buildings below, appear to have always been twins.

And it looks like another set of twins below:
The ones below appear to be siblings only.  Fraternal triplets at best.
I have it on good authority that the two houses below were once one.
Can you see a strong family resemblance in the buildings below?
I hope you have enjoyed a bit of Mazatlán genealogy!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Cool post, Nancy! Really like the orange building, but they’re all nice.
      I suspect if I went back to the states for a visit I’d be stunned by the lack of color and all the sameness.

    1. We have the same thing here in Merida. One of our friends lives in a house with a triple, the original builder built 3 exact same French style 2 story houses for his three kids side by side. The houses are good size and first class so I can only imagine what Poppa’s house looked like! Probably one of those mansions on Paseo Montejo or Avenida Colon!
      That was a fun post.

    1. Reeealy enjoyed these current views of Old Centro. Thanks for sharing your photos!! It would be so much fun to make one of these old buildings into home.

      1. Mexican Trailrunner, Thanks. I love that orange one, too. It was for sale a while back and I remember drooling over the realtor photos of the interior.

        Theresa, I think it is funny that even if they were built as individual houses the houses aren’t divided off using any molding or anything, just a line of paint. Does Merida have a system where you could look up past ownership of buildings easily… it would be fun to do a search on Poppa and see where he actually did live! Mazatlan doesn’t, unfortunately.

        Mic, Glad you liked the photos, I’m sure they are great homes to live in, too.

      1. Mike, Sorry, I don’t. But you might look around at some of the real estate sites, some of which have floor plans. Try first, I think Jim Seaholm often includes a floor plan on his listings.

    1. Hello Nancy, just came across your blog today – it’s wonderful and your house is beautiful. i would love to retire in the area of PV someday – the media here has us all so scared with all the drug lord stories plus i’ve had relatives who have been beaten and robbed in various parts of mexico (i have relatives living all over mexico) – so that is always a concern. Good luck to you and i’ll be following. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Nancy. I did find listings as you suggested tosee floor plans. Can’t wait tobe back in Maz. Now only five weeks to go.

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